Your Property Team on Your Money Your Call Sky News Business – 09/03/2015

A special edition of Your Money Your Call from the Your Property Team property intensive event with live studio audience. Host Margaret Lomas is joined by 6 of her property experts, Lisa Montgomery, Michael Teys, Ian Rodrigues, Dr Andrew Wilson and BMT Tax Depreciation Managing Director Brad Beer to answer live audience questions on the Australian property market ‪property investing ‬and tax depreciation.

BMT Tax Depreciation specialises in maximising depreciation deductions for investment property owners Australia-wide through 11 office locations. A Tax Depreciation Schedule alternatively known as a tax depreciation report, prepared by a specialist Quantity Surveyor helps investment property owners to unlock cash flow potential and save thousands of dollars every year in their tax return.

Our videos are information packed and will help you learn everything you need to know about property tax depreciation and how it benefits investment property owners.

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