YES Loans…Apparently I applied for a loan…

This is a cold call from an Indian call centre who tell me I have applied for a loan which was declined. This was news to me so I query the caller and get a bit annoyed with her stupidness.

11 thoughts on “YES Loans…Apparently I applied for a loan…

  1. @bigboyhova Billy Big Balls – I forgot to mention to kurb your
    language…don’t agree with using fowl language, even when I am the
    telephone dealing with MUPPETS….and I’m not talking about Mickey Mouse!

  2. I’ve worked in call centres, calling people up and intruding into their
    space, invited. My choice to stay in that job role. It’s everyone’s right
    to get very irate when their personal space and time is invaded and calling
    people unsolicited on the phone comes under the same banner. If you don’t
    like working in a call centre and can’t take the knocks ….don’t work
    there, but as you do …you represent the company and yes the management
    should step in and help their staff out if need be.

  3. Only sh*t managers don’t support their staff. Same goes for staff who are
    not helpful and won’t put calls through to management.

  4. The first thing you need to know about Yes loans is that it’s not actually
    a loan company. It charges £49.50 to put you in touch with other firms,
    which may or may not give you a loan.And if you don’t get one,receiving a
    refund proves a nightmare according to victims that have had contact with

  5. The answer to these people is in the shape of an AK 47 im not kidding im
    ready to go people like this are filth

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