Wow ! Dynamics Changed Greatly In The Last Few Years !!!

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25 thoughts on “Wow ! Dynamics Changed Greatly In The Last Few Years !!!

  1. Wow I was smiling the whole vid cuz I could not agree with you more lui. I
    already knew this but thank god someone else in this world still knows what
    the hell is going on nowadays. salute you infinitely! 

  2. I remember this one broad I was talking to, she said she wasn’t going to
    take her husband’s last name and was going to hyphenate them instead. So I
    asked her “You want a traditional wedding though correct?” “Yep” “So
    everything else is going to be normal and you want to follow past ways of
    thinking right?” “Mhm” “But you won’t fully take your husband’s last night”

  3. Great topic Marco , Please do more of these topics , I also thought
    marriage was BS , good to know you agree with me , I have no plans to ever
    marry also 

  4. Single moms will always find a beta male provider.
    I am glad more and more men are knowing the reality!

    Thanks a lot Luimarco for all the MGTOW videos. I completely agree with
    your way of ‘going your own way’ !

    My advice is that you can have a FWB relationship with the next woman. 

  5. I don’t think there is any more narcissism than before. Most people are
    still down to earth, even on chat sites. Facebook and all that stuff is
    just a toy for many.

  6. some of these single mums are horrible, when they have children from
    different men, they hate men but like children.

  7. It’s hard for humans to notice things in slow motion. This is why communist
    bankers move the globe in baby steps. Slow boil the frog as they say. This
    means your woman for six years starting changing without you noticing which
    in-turn changed you into MGTOW. If you think about the last few years I’ll
    bet you’ll remember things and the shocker really isn’t as big as you

  8. Search for “Dave Foley Divorce” from Joe Rogan’s podcast here on Youtube,
    if that story doesn’t scare men away from marriage and having kids, then
    nothing will. I’ve watched it a few times now and it’s still shocking.

  9. Here’s a really scary perspective. I’m bisexual. I’ve had my fair share of
    run ins with orgies of hot bodybuilders and the whole thing. So I do okay
    for myself. With women though, I can only date pure trash. Don’t get me
    wrong I like big girls, but thin women automatically assume they’re too
    good for me. So with men, I’m just hanging out and a 9/10 fit guy initiates
    conversation. With women, I have to beg to get attention from a 5/10 obese
    girl. This is fucked up.

  10. Hi lui Marko, I don’t want to sound intimidating or judgemental but life
    without loving wife and sweet kids is no life. At least not in my part of
    the world. I can understand the defiant strategy behind MGTOW and
    unfortunately according to very little knowledge I have about western
    society , I see no other way except going your own way . even though it
    makes me sad to see how you guys are fighting your own basic instinct and
    nature to avoid the trap of destruction set up by state backed feminism.
    Everyone can see the sadness and pain on your face and in your attitude due
    to your recent separation. You gained something at the cost of something.

  11. Damn Lui nice video, agree with everything you said in this video, I
    thought I was weird for not wanting to get married and have kids like
    everyone else. Didn’t even know about MGTOW till today.

  12. I find lui quite rational. But when i came to know that he is a muslim.
    that changed my opinion.

  13. I really appreciate your opinion and outlook on life… Thank you Lui..!!
    (You Rock Bro)

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