World stock markets near record high, Obama to issue student loan bubble bailout
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4 thoughts on “World stock markets near record high, Obama to issue student loan bubble bailout

  1. The title of this video should be called Feeding the illusion. The banks
    are feeding the fiction. If Obama wants to make it better the Government
    can stop funding the U.S education with debt. I have stopped paying my
    student loans a long time ago. Every time they call they just zero out my
    balance and ask me to pay someday. It is no big deal, and my wife had about
    90,000 in debt and a $450 dollar a month bill. what a joke.
    If she recovers from brain surgery, and can go back to work then we have a
    chance to pay on both loans, but as it stands today we have bigger things
    on our plate than the some bill sent buy a government that knows it will
    not get the money back. The only reason that we have as much school debt is
    because of the Law that keeps people from declaring bankruptcy on school
    loan debt. We cold have dropped about 35-40K in school loan debt a long
    time ago. So what ever, it is just another way to make student SLAVES. This
    was all planned a long time ago. Obama will be giving people something back
    that they already had in early 2000 big deal. We need to be good Subjects
    and fell happy for getting back our ability to kill this toxic debt. WFT

  2. Does anyone remember hearing/reading “once the Dow reaches 17K, that will
    be the tipping point, the moment of downturn, the climax, the final sign as
    to when the markets will finally crash”?

    Harry Dent – Harry Dent predicts most dangerous investing period

    There is no such thing as “fundamentals” when it comes to these markets.´╗┐

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