Who are the rich Chinese students?

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********What is it about***********
This episode we’re talking about some rich Chinese international students existing in almost every campus that recruits international students in the U.S. The purpose of this video is not to advertising the affluence of modern Chinese international students but to clarify that such a subgroup among the whole body is a real phenomenon.

You can find the report of the crash case here:
and Chinese people’s reactions here:

***********Viewer Discretion*****************
The sports car pictures we used came from Mop.com, a popular Chinese online forum. The cars in the pictures are identified as owned by some Chinese int’l students in Michigan State University, but such a collection of sport cars can be seen in a lot of the colleges in the U.S. If you pay attention, you may find a couple GTR, a lot of BMW/Mercedez, Maserati, etc, in UW-Madison, with some owned by Chinese students.

*************Last Warning*************
We highly encourage you to not generalize the whole Chinese student body as the rich-ass MAPOTI (most annoying peopel on the Internet), LOL. Because most of them have parents working extremely hard to pay for such an international education (some came here based on scholarships or loans back home).

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