What is the visa process for studying in Australia ?

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Australia operates through a Visa facilitation service as well so once you have secured an admissions to an Australian University what you would need to do is to complete your visa application form which is available online. Take the application form along with your completed university admission guidelines along with your admission finances that is your living cost your tuition fees and updated bank statement which basically insures that you have funds to meet up with your living requirements and submit the same to the Australian High Commission. Typical cost for an Australian visa can vary between twenty to twenty-five thousand rupees depending on the kind of a program that you are on. The processing time for an Australian visa is again within 3 working weeks so a working week is generally five working days so about 15 days is what it requires for you to get an Australian visa so from the time that you submit your application the local VFS to the time that you get an outcome could be as this is ten working days but on a maximum 15 work days.

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