What is the secret to paying off my home loan faster?

Meritum Financial Group, have added yet another way to provide information through the rapidly evolving world of multi-media communication. Working with long-time partner The Weekly Advertiser, Meritum Financial Group will now offer people seeking general financial advice to get their answers “right from the horse’s mouth”.

The team at Meritum Financial Group will provide video-clip responses to questions readers asked by the newspaper or by the visitors of the websites.

The Ask a Financial Question service is designed to put a human face and explanation to what at times can seem a lot of confusing information. This service is perfect for those seeking answers to general financial questions on issues such as debt management and cash flow, superannuation, investment alternatives or life insurance. But, considering the variety and depth of the finance world, your questions are not limited to a few topics and can cover any issues that are on your mind in regards to your personal finance.

For more information, please visit www.meritumfg.com.au