What College Students Need to Know About Money!

http://www.cambridge-credit.org/ — Today’s younger generation is experiencing unprecedented financial challenges. The price of college tuition is rising approximately 7.9% per year, the average student loan debt is ,000, and roughly 84% of graduates have credit card balances just over ,000! These are some of the reasons that those between the ages of 18 and 25 are now the fastest growing segment of bankruptcy filers! Even though these problems are considerable, there is good news for student’s financial futures.

In this week’s episode of Your Money 2.0, Cambridge’s Social Media Intern, and Western New England College student William H. Greider III, discusses how to build savings and use free on-line tools to guide you to financial success.

6 thoughts on “What College Students Need to Know About Money!

  1. I have one medical bill I need to pay (it’s less that $400); once I do I
    will have no debt and I’m 23!

  2. Pfft I don’t have debt! Full time college student(18 credits) with a 3.2GPA
    while working 3 jobs to pay for my fathers mortgage, my phone bill, the
    electric bill, and the internet bill along with my own car/insurance/gas.
    NYS helps me out because of my predicament and I manage to save 150$ a
    week. Oh and did I mention I’m only 19? And by the way, I’m that 1% that
    chose hard work.

  3. Bully for you. I don’t want to argue with you – I think it’s great that you
    are able to do all that. I too worked full time while going to school full
    time at night and working a part time job. I have three degrees –
    associates, bachelor’s and master’s. I graduated with very little debt and
    it’s now paid off. HOWEVER, not everyone can do this (I had the option of
    living at home with my parents) College tuition is WAY too expensive. It’s
    arrogant for you to assume others don’t work hard.

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