What are the eligibility requirements for Education Loan?

Credila Education Loans:
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To apply for a student loan the individual should have the following prerequisites:
-Indian Citizen
-above 18 years
-Admission offer letter
-A co-borrower / co-signer / co-applicant
-Collateral (Value should be equivalent or more than the loan amount)
If you fulfil the above criteria’s of eligibility for an education loan, get in touch with the nearest Credila branch today.
For more details on how to apply for education loan, you can call on 1800 209 3636.

Credila Education Loans:
Credila Financial Services is a Subsidiary of Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC http://www.hdfc.com), one of the most trusted names in financial services industry.
Credila exclusively focuses on Education Loan.

Education loan / student loan at your door-step, no visiting bank branches multiple times.

-Loan up to 100% of educational expenses, no margin money is required.

-Quick loan sanction

-Flexibility on collateral security

Don’t wait till the last minute, you can apply for education loan before admission.

For more details, visit: http://www.credila.com or call on 1800 209 3636
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