Voices of Debt – The Student Loan Crisis: Don’t Major in Debt

The cost of college is skyrocketing. Student debt has exceeded One Billion Dollars. Student have borrowed more to pay for their college eduction than they can reasonably expect to payback. “Voices of Debt” documentary is their voice. A warning, and a call for action about this crisis on the verge of national disaster. Don’t Major in Debt.

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25 thoughts on “Voices of Debt – The Student Loan Crisis: Don’t Major in Debt

  1. My mom better not get her hopes up I’m going back home to live with her
    after I graduate. I won’t leave until I pay everything off.

  2. best advice ever: DO NOT GO TO COLLEGE. I love how they start this
    ‘documentary’ with negative consequences of going to school and having debt
    but then out of nowhere they switch…. all the sudden they end with this
    amazing positivity and saying dont major in debt!!! oh how great!!! Well
    the reason you are in debt is because you went to college. Trust me you
    will not find a job according to your degree unless you have great
    connections, or mom & dad who will take care of these issues otherwise
    forget it.. this is all a huge lie, brainwash.
    My advice – you do not need college, if you want to learn something do your
    own research, find your passion. College will not solve any of your
    problems and it will not give a propose/meaning to your life and it will
    not help you find you anything… it will ONLY make you to a SLAVE that will
    be paying off that debt for 25years. This is modern day slavery. Even if
    you are going your first semester of 4th year of your Bachelors, it is
    still not too late to drop out and safe that last semester $… drop out if
    you still can. 

  3. “I read books I wouldn’t have been exposed to”… probably the most
    ridiculous justification I’ve ever heard for going to college.

  4. To people complaining about liberal arts degrees, this video is not telling
    you to avoid the liberal arts, it is telling you not to go into debt for
    such a degree.

  5. I went to Trades School (Worked Part time in an Ice Cream Shop, payed loans
    bit by bit) payed my student loan debt within 5 Months after graduation.
    Luckily got work 3 months before graduation because of my internship.
    Worked 3 Years saved 60,000,00 Living with my parents and living an
    minimalistic life. Signed up for Networking Computer School, Dropped out.
    Took my 60,000,00 reinvested 10,000,00 on rental properties in Southeast
    Asia and Started my own business with 50,000,00. Currently starting my own
    business and everything was “Beautiful.” Hoping to grow my portfolio
    100,000,00 in 1 Year. Aiming 1 Million by 4 years. Life is so fucking
    beautiful I tell ya!

  6. Germany.
    We have just voted off the last 500 bugs that were needed to be paid each
    semester like a year ago.
    So universities are free :)
    If you need to see the doctor, you don’t pay a bug. Even if you have
    cancer, or something incredibly expensive to cure.
    And Germany isn’t even the best country.
    This is not communism. If you work in Germany you still get good money in
    most jobs, even though we pay more taxes.
    We just use our taxes properly.
    America, don’t become Germany, or Finnland, or Denmark. But if we can do
    it. Why can’t you?

    P.S. Germany Bear drinking age: 16
    P.S.S. Pretty much all of Europe: 18
    Still less people die over hear since we don’t have guns.

  7. So many naive people in this video, The whole logic on
    Universities/Colleges is fucking ludicrous, especially people who choose to
    major in pointless subjects that will literally get you nowhere in terms of
    the job market an in the current financial climate. 3:14 “I don’t know any
    of this terminology” ect. ect. so many sheep who probably only want to go
    to universities just because it’s deemed as “necessary” in order to be
    successful and probably because their friends are going. I have no pity on
    any of these people whatsoever, boo hoo you’re in debt, no one forced you
    to sign up to 25+ years of debt slavery.

  8. Can anyone explain to me what’s the difference between self taught vs
    sitting in a class listening to a lecture and doing classes that has
    nothing to do with your major

  9. I don’t understand. I want to be a surgeon when I get older, and some of
    the people here majored in biology. I thought that was a great major if
    you’re going to be a surgeon? That sounded like the only great major
    compared to art history and such. If biology is a dumb major..what do I
    major in for medical school??

  10. I am SO lucky. I graduated in 2004, I had the the HOPE scholarship here in
    Georgia and it paid for everything except books occasionally. I graduated
    with no debt. But austerity measures has meant that my sister who just
    graduated last year has over $30,000 in debt. What I got to do will
    probably never happen again.

    Funny thing was, my parents are fairly well off, neither went to college,
    but contrary to most people’s experience — they did NOT encourage me to go
    to college in the first place! I loved college, but really don’t think
    it’s for everyone.

  11. I feel like sharing my story. I had a debt of 24000 dollars. After my
    second year of University I was lucky to get a job at a financial
    institution which guaranteed me set hours every week. I had to go part time
    studies because full time studies was out of the question and since I had
    to work particular hours in the middle of the day i could only do courses
    taught in the evening. It took me 8-9 years to finally complete my honours
    degree and I have paid off my debt in full. Dont owe a cent. It was
    extremely hard work juggling my honours degree, making sure I do not flunk
    and at the same time taking care of my job performance. My parents thought
    that I took way too long to finish it but it was worth the wait because I
    wanted to come out of university debt free. I am a free man now and I would
    suggest everyone that if you can get a job then do it and juggle your
    studies as well. Yes the road is tumultuous and long but in the end its
    worth it. It teaches you to be resilient, tenacious and most of all you
    become a human being who wears several hats everyday. I have my loan
    payoff letter from OSAP (govt. loan in Canada) and the day I got that
    letter was one of the happiest days of my life. I have actually framed it
    (LOL I am crazy). I also have to thank my parents for supporting me
    throughout. They now understand why did I take so long to graduate. I
    fulfilled both of my goals successfully. I can relate to the anxieties the
    people of this video are feeling. Good luck to all of you.

  12. It’s all about passion in the end. If you love writing, go for it. If you
    love science, go for it. Sometimes you don’t even need to go to college to
    learn things, you just need to go after what you love. Read books,
    research, do anything that correlates with what you will love to do. Don’t
    be like the 95% of people who go to college just to go or just cuz there
    parents told them to. 85% of Americans hate their jobs, but that doesn’t
    have to be you. Who cares what others think or say about you that you’re
    going to a community college or whatever because are they gonna be paying
    your bills, No!!! Do what you love and success will follow and don’t be
    afraid to fail. Failure is the stepping stone to success. Also, one last
    thing is to be unrealistic, sometimes being realistic can pull you back
    from doing what you want to do, there’s no need for that. Who cares what
    others say. If you have a passion towards something , go for it. No one
    needs to tell you what you’re gonna do, don’t rest assure on the approval
    of others……. If you have a dream….Go for it….. Period

  13. I went to school for mechanical engineering while my other friends went in
    for political science and art majors. At times, I would be jealous because
    their HW was much easier than mine and I actually had to spend a ton of
    time in the labs and studying. They were always watching netflixs or rarely
    studying. Now, out of college. I make double their salary and they work two
    jobs. I actually learned a lot in college and I’m happy I stuck to it.
    Advice: if you’re going to go to college major in something that will teach
    you ACTUAL tradeskills

  14. I don’t think it’s a big of a crisis as people make it. I know everybody is
    different, but in general, it’s simple. You can live with your parents for
    a few years or cut down as much as possible..and just pay it off. You can
    easily pay off within a year or a few years. Just read up on Dave Ramsey
    baby steps. The problem is that your average person likes to live it up and
    get into more debt. You can go out all of the time, buy the latest gadgets,
    buy new car, and waste money, traveling…or you can attack the debt! Pay
    it off within a year to 3 years..and your’e done. Then you don’t have to
    walk around in life pondering if college is worth it. I always hear ppl
    complaining about “is college worth it” and college debt…but nobody want
    to complain about that new car, that new phone, that new this and that.
    When you get a job, live like you never got that job. When you get a raise,
    live like you never got a raised. If you don’t have to buy or pay for
    something..then don’t! People complaining about college debt is like poor
    people complaining about being poor and driving around in nice cars.

  15. I’m going to school to get a degree in construction management. Very good
    field to go into right now, high demand. Starting salary is around $56,000
    and I will be going $38,000 into debt. When I graduate I will live with my
    parents for 2-3 years and pay off my loans completely and save up to buy a
    house. Its really not that complicated. Just make sure you have a plan
    before signing anything.

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    this situation or about to enter into it. If you are willing to obtain the
    ALL the information before you judge the the information. This may be the
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