US hands off Iran.

Iran needs to go 50% solar & stop using nukes.
The US needs to go 60% solar & stop all fracking.

Stop war criminal Obama!!!

Here is how Germany shut down 9 nukes, using solar.

Here is how Japan shut down 55 nukes, using solar.

Japan will never re-start any nukes again.

The name of this proposed law is a solar feed-in tariff payment policy. (FiT).

You can make good money harvesting solar & feeding it onto the grid.

The Feed-in Tariff has huge upside potential with very little down-side risk.
It is a cutting edge solar policy that can save the world from air pollution.

It has a huge public and private application from solar homes to electric cars.

Our analysis’s indicate it could raise a huge amount of money for the first 5,000 people who sign up with this San Francisco FiT contract, and take out a bank loan for 0,000.+

The FiT will spin-off millions of new jobs in solar home construction, for everyone who buys into this business now.

Banks are very willing to loan 0,000. to million, because the contract with The City is a 20 year guarantee of the price.

There is no chance we will run out of solar energy for millions of years. Solar is the cleanest form of energy on earth. It is unlimited.

The cost of solar panels will continue to fall as the technology improves and mass production increases.

Your profit on a 0,000. bank loan, would be just north of ,000 / year.
You could pay off your mortgage and the cost of the panels in a few years.
Solar panels can last as long as 40 years.
All the income you make for the 20 years after you pay off the panels would be gravy.
Farmers Market. Your solar home would now be creating energy, because your local Utility become like a farmers market, buying solar energy from everyone who has surplus to sell. Solar homes in a county with a FiT are worth far more than a mere home that just consumes energy.
And in the case of this solar feed-in tariff policy, based on every technical factor around the world, we are looking at a grand slam home run for San Francisco.
This is the best thing I have seen, in the last decade that can actually stop global warming, and it can make you ,000. a year just from placing a few solar panels on your roof, or even on just an empty lot. You do not even need to own a building to make money from a solar FiT.
It began in Germany in 1991, it is now in Australia, Japan, Denmark, China and 69 nations around the world.
When Germany passed the law, it was paying {videoDescription}.99 kwh for the first 5,000 people who signed the city contract. The FiT policy has produced 500,000 jobs in Germany. Solar has made Germany the richest nation in Europe. Germany now has the cleanest air in Europe.
As soon as you sign the FiT contract, you can walk into any bank with the contract and take out a 0,000. loan for as many solar panels as you can fit on your land.
At {videoDescription}.99 kwh, your return on investment is ,000. per year.
Meaning you can pay off the bank loan in 7 years, plus get free energy to power your all-electric house, free energy for 40 years for your electric car, your brand new Tesla.
Why did Germany agree to require the Utilities to pay solar farmer {videoDescription}.99 kwh for the first 5,000 people who signed up?
Because the Germans decided that there was a climate emergency after Chernobyl. And there still is an emergency. This crisis is a great opportunity for those who act first to install solar on their land, to make money saving the planet.
We want to pay a premium those who adopt this law first, a bonus, for their early support for solar energy, so as to create a gold rush mentality to get people moving to stop the climate collapse.
Solar farmers begin making ,000. a year from feeding solar energy onto the grid. It is like having your own solar energy Utility in your own back yard. You get free energy for your car & home. You make good money for providing an important service.
This is a very good business. Anyone can sign up for this career.
This law gives priority to solar on the grid. There is no cap on the number of people who can sell solar energy onto the grid. The Utility must buy all renewables at {videoDescription}.99 kwh. The Utility must block all energy coming from fossil fuels to make way for renewables. As you increase your solar production, all fossil fuel companies must cut back their production, to allow the shift from fossils to renewable.