US Debt Crisis 2013 – US Economy Explained – Understanding the Financial Crisis

US Debt Crisis 2013 – US Economy Explained – Understanding the Financial Crisis

25 thoughts on “US Debt Crisis 2013 – US Economy Explained – Understanding the Financial Crisis

  1. This is awesome everyone needs to see this so make sure to share. When it
    all hits the fan people will need to look at this to see its been predicted!

  2. Absolutely true! And the bankers gave POWER hungry Congress cheap money to
    borrow. And the bankers gave poor people cheap money to buy houses. And the
    bankers are giving college students cheap money to borrow for tuition.
    Total US debt is over 210 Trillion! And the bankers are fashioning us as
    debt slaves! Go to US debt clock & check it out. HE WHO OWNS TH EGOLD RULES
    THE WORLD. Ten central Zionist world banks control the economies of the
    world. They are our rulers.

  3. It’s not the banks the Government. They are ripping off the banks just as
    they are ripping us off. The government owns the banks not the other way

  4. In 1929 the FRB was given permission by 3 members in Congress to pass the
    Federal Reserve Act. The FRB is NOT a govt. owned/operated bank. We pay the
    FRB interested on our own money! The 8 major shareholders of FRB: The
    Rothschild Bank of London Rothschild bank of Berlin Lazard Brothers Bank of
    Paris Israel-Moses-Scief Bank of Italy Warburg Bank of Hamburg Lehman
    Brothers Bank of NY Chase Manhattan Rockefeller Banks of New York J. P
    Morgan Trust Company of New York All Zionist owned!

  5. 14 trillion. Hahahahahahahuahahahahahahhahahahahha. Do u think they are
    actually gonna tell u how much they really owe. Please tell me last time
    government told truth. America is done. The bankers are now doin to America
    what they did to every other nation. U force corrupt leaders to borrow and
    borrow. Then u stop paying the bill then repo time.. Then they move on to
    next prospect. China

  6. The Federal Reserve isn’t privately owned. It has privately owned banks
    that are some members of the Federal Reserve bank, but that doesn’t mean it
    is privately owned. A house might be owned by you, and you have people that
    live in it with you, but that doesn’t mean they own the house with you.

  7. Yea many ignorant people out there. My Sister barely took Econ and said OMG
    China got GDP 10% up. I was like SOOOO how’s their employement, currency,
    stocks, deficit internationally, and so on…. Reading a book isn’t like
    experiencing it then. Sisters a fucking prick

  8. LOL wow omg… Goldman Sachs is so maybe he meant them who had I believe
    $50 in assets. I know i’m wrong how much they have please tell

  9. 1. creating new money supply occurs every year to compensate for
    production & population 2. production is wealth, not money 3. commodity
    prices also go up relative to currency because of relative prices (supply
    and demand). 4. US govt has no problem issues new debt, there are still
    many buyers of these bonds. (surplus countries, investors, corporations,
    financial institutions) Yes US is in a crisis in debt but keep in mind that
    when economy bounce back, so will the budget crisis.

  10. the money supply is increasing at a larger rate than economic growth if
    this was not the case there would be no inflation Money is being made all
    the time in fact $80bn a month. Commodity prices over a longer period of
    time go up relative to currency due to inflation. Also more countries are
    starting to reject the united states dollar.

  11. 210trillion as more money than there is in existence! But I trust that the
    united states has somehow managed to owe more money than there actually is
    due to the the ultimate bullshitery they can pull.

  12. it’s partially because the majority of capitol raised by all the product go
    to few people. look at walmart, our gop’s precious “job creators” largest
    recipient of food stamp money, and number 1 user of federal healtchare. our
    tariffs are out of wack as well, american car sold in korea faces 25%
    tariff in korea, but we only charge them a 2.5% tariff on incoming. 95 % of
    american receive benefit directly or indirectly from feds, they just don’t
    know, or wont admit it.

  13. I forgot the trillion dollars in student loan debt. Kids spending money
    they don’t have to go to school and party… all to earn a worthless
    humanities degree because it was easy

  14. Thank you for this video, I feel dumb not knowing what’s going on but you
    made everything very easy to understand

  15. What if Au Bon Pain loses the case?

    He was sued for $2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 USD.

    If the case is lost, the trillion-coin is too much nonsense for us. So they
    bring back the $1,000 $2,000 $5,000 $10,000 and $100,000 notes, and print a
    million note, and so on, the Fed reserve would print up to the latest
    governor at that huge undecillion note. But then the US would break
    Hungary’s worst inflation record in history. Therefore, the US defaults, so
    all other foreign nations default, all monies and currencies would fall in
    debt, then people might work to do a futuristic semi-socialist world,
    progress is faster than normal because people don’t have to get paid, the
    currency system is literally ditched altogether in favor of the 3D/4D
    printing technology that recycles materials and fixes them into the
    products of the marketeers. Consumers can be producers as well, and make
    their own custom products, everything is free, and autonomous flying cars
    could replace driving rules. Harmless plastic guns (such as that of Nerf)
    could replace the common handheld weapon. The economy going down the toilet
    might cause many wars, but then common weapons could be replaced with
    plastic handheld weapons that cause virtually no harm. The military would
    just be playing fighting games. The rule of man is over but God’s laws
    still apply. Artificial wombs could replace sexual intercourse in the
    future. Would Aerica still survive?´╗┐

  16. lots of very outdated info.

    #1. yearly deficit is now around $430 billion, not close to $2 trillion.

    #2. interest on the debt is $200 billion. We can very much afford this.´╗┐

  17. The average yearly federal expenditures are around 60 trillion dollars, not
    3 trillion. The deficit is merely the difference between those expenditures
    and the total federal tax receipts. In the absence of a domestic gold
    standard, which we haven’t had since 1933, the federal deficit is merely a
    useful bellweather of the health of the economy. As a general rule a high
    deficit means the economy is healthy because the government is spending the
    needed amount of money to ensure all services, programs and regulators are
    properly funded, and unemployment kept low. Canada, which also runs on a
    purely fiat currency, ran deficits during the 2008 crisis and survived it
    much better than the United States did.

    Yes, I know everything I just typed appears to be gibberish to 99% of the
    people reading this. Here, if anyone wants to actually see the United
    States Federal Government funding itself, they can go here:

    Updated every 2 or 3 days. Values are in thousands of millions, in other
    words, billions. Table III-A will likely be the most interesting one to
    many people. So far this fiscal year the US government has funded itself to
    the tune of almost 46 trillion dollars, or over 3x annual GDP. The national
    debt isn’t also 46 trillion dollars because this is money created by the
    government to fund itself, so the liabilities have been returned to the
    source. In fact, they never really left in the first place. The current
    outstanding national debt stands at 18 trillion dollars. Where is it? Well
    part of it is in your bank account, another part in mine. That’s what your
    money is: a government liability out in the wild doing work, allowing
    commerce to function. When you pay federal taxes you’re simply returning
    that liability to its creator.

    The actual total amount of government funding since 1998 is 719 trillion,
    before that the records aren’t open to the public. But since the Federal
    Reserve has been running for 102 years, the total must number in the tens
    of quadrillions.´╗┐

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