Update – The $1,000 Project! #The1000Project


Super excited to be sharing with you #the1000project! So The ,000 Project is a movement that is going to change your life if you want it to!

So…I am saving or “manifesting” parcels of ,000 at a time…and I am not forgoing anything major in my spending habits or lifestyle to come up with this money. I am using my somewhat creative mind to come up with money by doing things to bring in money beyond my salary….for example, I have sold a whole pile of clothes on eBay (my account is Missm8880), sold some furniture on Gumtree, did some market research, Rocco and I have been putting coins in the world tin (see my Instragram account @sugarmamma.tv) and I have even been taking on some extra work!

Every time I have ,000 I am buying some Industrial Australian Shares…I will be showing you my portfolio and how I buy them shortly (just trying to get through some legal/privacy loopholes with being able to show you) and with each of the shares I buy, I will show you the research that I have and the estimated dividend income that it should pay over the next 12 months.

I am going to keep investing and build up my passive income and hopefully by July 2016, I will have built a big enough share portfolio so that the dividends can pay for 1 designer handbag each year going forward….

Obviously you don’t need to buy a handbag with the dividends, you can keep building your portfolio and reinvest the income for more compounding growth, but the exciting point to the adventure/challenge is that I am building long term financial wealth and I am doing it outside the limitations of my income and salary and showing you how easy it is to create an investment portfolio for yourself when you put your head and heart to it.

Make sure you regularly check the SugarMamma.TV website (www.SugarMamma.tv) and see my diary of how I manifest each ,000.

You can also follow along on Instagram @sugarmamma.tv and every time you are doing something which saves you money or makes you money that you can put towards your new share portfolio, tag #the1000project (no $) and we can all share our ideas as to how we can create more money for our growing financial wealth and freedom.

So excited to be doing this with you!