Unlawful Foreclosure of Property in MOUNT GAMBIER, SOUTH AUSTRALIA.
POLICE breach of the peace, man known as Dale Fox trading as DALE FOX-37976 (corporate soul, interloper, stalker) involved in assault on my physical body in this matter, and a previous matter. Yet to be advised names of interloper officers, badges 79092/Sedan S568-AQN, 79483/221Van S243-AQN (corporate souls, interlopers). They all have low IQ’s as they are not allowed to join with a high IQ, will not pass and will be rejected. This is pretty obvious when you deal with them, their like robots running under their protocol and policy eg, Dale Fox trading DALE FOX, John Niewenhuizen trading as JOHN NIEWENHUIZEN, etc. They do not act like normal rational and honest individuals. They appear to be very hardwired into their protocol, like their on some kind of drug or drugs.
Sheriff John Niewenhuizen trading as JOHN NIEWENHUIZEN 2920 (corporate soul, interloper) (JONNY-2, rego plated Statesman) and BENDIGO AND ADELAIDE BANK LIMITED Representative/mercantile agent, the man known as Ben Jolley trading as BEN JOLLEY (corporate soul, interloper)

BENDIGO AND ADEALIDE BANK LIMITED corrupt CEO man known as Mike Hirst trading as MIKE HIRST/CEO, the interloper women known as Amy XO81 trading as AMY XO81 (Morgage accounts) and Erin Palby trading as ERIN PARLBY (Case Manager) , also the man known as Daniel trading as DANIEL yet to be identified (all corporate souls, interlopers). FOS, Financial Ombudsman Services are unlawful and corrupt also. They work with the Banks with a conflict of interest. All are guilty of intimidation, forced contracts with no equal consideration in them, unlawful actions, without my consent. No documents presented on the day for examination. Its a heresay foreclosure. Nothing lawful about it and probably not legal either.

BENDIGO BANK Securitisation of Home Loans
Posted on December 24, 2010 by chris
To quote the Torrens 2009-3 Series Supplement:
“Trustee must not communicate, disclose or perfect title. The Trustee must not give any notice to, or communicate in any other way with a Mortgagor or disseminate or disclose any information in respect of the assignment of the housing loans.”

BENDIGO BANK LIMITED ABN 11 068 049 178/AFSL/Australian Credit Licence 237879, The Bendigo Centre, Bendigo Victoria, 3550 Australia.

Karen Olsson trading as KAREN OLSSON of MELLOR OLSSON LAWYERS, Level 5, 80 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000, GPO Box 74, Adelaide SA 5001 DX 543 is the Plaintiff/Interloper for BENDIGO AND ADELAIDE BANK LIMITED.


Fraudulent ‘Warrant of Possession’ flashed in my face, not shown and offer declined. Sent back rejected, unacceptable, not legitimate, before eviction. Computer generated stamp and signature, no identifiable individuals. No original contract provided as demanded with my wet ink signatures. Maybe onsold. NO proof as yet BENDIGO AND ADELAIDE BANK LIMITED lent anything. Honesty will prevail.

All individuals involved in this matter will be held accountable for their actions, either now or in the future, for their role in their unlawful proceedings of foreclosure under their full commercial liabilty.

No offence to all involved, it just ain’t right. Something is terribly wrong here. Everything should be via SUA SPONTE, equal consideration, etc.

I offer and will accept remedy to this situation from all involved at anytime, especially from BENDIGO AND ADELAIDE BANK LIMITED, and will grant BENDIGO AND ADELAIDE BANK LIMITED respect in return, where all due respect is due by removing this video as soon as this matter is rectified.

SUA SPONTE. Without prejudice. All rights reserved.



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9 thoughts on “Unlawful BENDIGO AND ADELAIDE BANK LIMITED Foreclosure in AUSTRALIA

  1. “This is a civil matter, not a criminal matter. YOU’RE breaching the

  2. you need to get court order to take the house back also did you file a
    defence on the banks wright to stop the bank from getting the court order
    for possession; if not file a writ on the bank with damages and stop the
    bank from selling the house: the bank does not have a licence to lend
    moneys there fore file the court procedings now for inconscible conduct

  3. what you should do is live so there dont arrest you and charge you for
    trespass just go file the court procedings

  4. If we call these THUGS for any civil matter they don’t want to know or get
    involved! But they are happy to interfere when TYRANTS steal your
    belongings. Laws broken every which way possible against the citizens any
    chance they get! BASTARD THUGS!

  5. Banks loan out FAKE money that doesn’t even exist with interest and we pay
    this fake money back with real money therefore we OWN the property outright
    after the very first repayment! That’s the truth of how this works. And
    these Criminal THUG police help these TYRANTS to commit their crimes
    against US the citizens!

  6. How do these policy enforcer’s live with themselves knowing that they are
    impeding on others rights by depriving them of shelter?

  7. Hang on – the bank lends you money, you can’t (or DON’T) pay it back, they
    have the right to foreclose after all other avenues have been exhausted to
    recover what you borrowed… Your arguments make no sense.

  8. All foreclosures called repossessions here in UK are now void as are
    bankcruptcys insolvencies as a number of banks have admitted forex market
    manipulation which has effected the world interest rate LIBOR markets and
    all warranted arrears are now misrepresented from such as a criminal act
    has been admitted and by association all must be rectifitifed/wrecktified (
    admiralty ) it will take a class action in international court and
    jurisdiction law courts to place foundation in these grounds mentioned (
    loss has been caused to men and women and unfortunately many suicides)

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