UK’s Scariest Debt Collector (Full Length)

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Ten years ago Shaun Smith was an enforcer for one of the biggest crime families in Liverpool and embroiled in a war against a rival drug gang.

Shaun introduced urban terrorism to the British underworld. He sprayed up houses with machine guns, tortured people and used homemade napalm to firebomb his enemies.

Today, after a spell of five years in prison for firearms offences, he is trying to transfer those skills to the legal economy by working as a debt collector in the northern English satellite town of Warrington.

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25 thoughts on “UK’s Scariest Debt Collector (Full Length)

  1. All the Americans claiming that in their country guns would prevent people
    like these from doing this haven’t heard of the Cosa Nostra. You guys live
    in a fucking bubble.

  2. Several years ago, on foot of a hotly contested alleged ‘debt’ an English
    debt collector threatened to ‘come see me at home’ – I’m Irish… I gave
    him my address and offered to ‘make an appointment’ – he looked it up (and
    took advice) and I never saw his cowardly ass. “Tough Guys” are only tough
    when they have assessed that you are ‘smaller’ than they are, or that you
    are alone. In other words, they’re all cowards. Pity he didn’t come – I had
    a party arranged for him. LOL

  3. Where exactly are these muscular British men who actually look like men?
    All I see in the streets of London is skinny white-collar snobby men who
    look like 15-year-olds and have too much ego. 

  4. As a response to the 2 main themes of this comment section I am making this
    1. Military: America has superior numbers, England has better training.
    2. Guns are for cowards that know they can’t win in an up close fight
    (military excluded since they HAVE to go in with guns since every single
    person they’re going to be against will be using a gun)

    PS. A note about the 2nd amendment. You claim to have guns for self
    defense, you then claim you keep said weapons locked away to keep children
    or other family members from getting injured by them. If it’s locked away
    it’s clearly not for self defense because if someone breaks into your house
    they aren’t exactly going to wait for you to go and arm yourself. You have
    1 reason for owning a gun, it’s pretty fucking shit but it’s literally the
    only reason you have and that is “I like guns” not “self defense”. If you
    are sat raging at what you’ve just read maybe consider it’s because I’m
    making valid points and you’re not happy that you’re wrong.

  5. 19:30. The two men being rebuked and threatened, especially the tatted one,
    are the biggest beta male pushovers that I’ve ever seen in my life; they
    epitomize this concept. This confrontation must have been staged.

  6. I am an American, or ” ‘meericunt” as some of you so humorously call us. I
    have a permit that allows me to carry a pistol almost anywhere I want to.
    Permit holders are an asset to public safety. Scumbags will always get
    ahold of guns. I could go to the U.K. and get hold of any kind of gun I
    wanted if I had some cash in my pocket. You have given up your rights and
    freedoms, don’t ask us to do it. Criminals laugh at gun laws there as they
    do here. Yes violent crime is lower in the UK that was true before strict
    gun laws also. 90% of violent crime is drug related in the U.S.. those who
    will not obey drug laws will not obey gun laws.

  7. thats because in the UK there is not many guns, knock knock 3 big muscle
    heads standing at your door, in the usa you have a gun, in the UK guess
    what no gun well your screwed… that shawn dude is probably an asshole to
    anyone u tell him to collect money from, as long as he gets paid.. he would
    get shot in the usa

  8. if it was a cop everyone would be saying how he is abbusing his power and
    shit, but this debt collector can do it? fuck that, i would slam the door
    on his face i tell you hwat

  9. I love the americans in the comments, dont even know what they’re talking

    The guy seems like a bit of a cunt, but then again I have no idea of his
    life, and Im he has his reasons

  10. HEY PARTY POOPER Fuck the British we chased you out of here a few centuries

  11. Wow. I clicked on the video out of curiosity and lo and behold a
    fascinating documentary. I was sucked in the very first minute. Shaun is
    such an interesting person, having to deal with all that crap while being a
    supportive father. I would never want to be on his bad side that’s for
    sure. The relationship between Shawn and Nat is really interesting and
    uplifting as well. In fact I really felt for Nat and hope he’s continued to
    do well, winning the war against his demons.
    Anyways, great documentary.

  12. I understand the point of view of all of the Europeans, but when push comes
    to shove, this motherfucker wouldn’t last a week over here. I’m not saying
    I agree with it, because I don’t, but large debts are not settled with
    fists in this neck of the woods. I, as an American, wish that it was. I
    love guns, and own many, but I have never even considered bringing them
    into a confrontation, unless someone broke into my house. I also love
    fighting, and I believe that is the way things were meant to be settled.
    So, in short, he wouldn’t make a dime in America, but I wish I lived in a
    place where the skill in your hands would demand respect. Sadly, here, it
    doesn’t. But you also have to consider, that the fact that we all have
    guns, keeps three muscle bound assholes from showing up at our door,
    because we would put them down as they ran. Balance is tough to find. lol

  13. If dude was in America especially in the south side of Chicago he would of
    been dead a long time ago…Brits r p*ssies…some one would of walked up
    to his face, in his gym pulled out a gloc and smoked the red coat right
    there and then…it happens here everyday in the city 

  14. There is nothing even remotely intimidating about a *British male*. Your
    stereotype is a tea-sipping, intellectual gentleman of the upper class. A
    rough, brutal savage of utmost masculinity is on the complete opposite end
    of the scale. But nonsense, don’t listen to me. Please do lecture me as to
    my ignorance, you “wankers”. GG “mates”. 

  15. lol I hate Americans, I really do. On every single video like this, you’ll
    find at least ten of them telling you *”what would happen if it was in
    America”*, like we’re all supposed to give a fuck. You don’t see Aussies,
    Canadians, Kiwis, Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Germans, Russians or anyone
    else do it. It’s always noisy American wankers.

  16. People keep arguing to see which country is the best, honestly, i’m quite
    envious, i always feel like moving, since my country is always competing to
    fail at every sort of thing.
    Most likely every place in the world is sort of a paradise in comparison to
    Brazil or in the worst scenarios, it’s almost the same. Like Africa we
    starve. Like in Venezuela our economy is ruining. Like in North Korea/China
    our government is attempting to control the local media and the internet

    We can’t carry guns, only those who have the government approval can do so,
    still, we have over 60k+ homicides a year by gunfire *[not taking into
    account any other crimes which a gun is also used, like, robbery,
    kidnapping and et cetera.]*. Three times more homicides by guns than USA
    with Ten times less guns. And people keeps criticizing gun laws in USA,
    lol. I really hope one day people will start to hate Brazil, that way,
    maybe the politicians will try to do something for it’s people in order to
    make amends with the world.
    Hate Brazil, please. 

  17. I’m from the U.S. and i’d rather live in any European country. FUCK this
    stupid shitholes government. FUCK the people, FUCK everything that shithole
    is i’d watch it burn and laugh. Cheers to all the eurofucks out there, fill
    a mug for me.

  18. Lol Americans and English both love to hate on each other, it’s a damn
    shame almost all of them are too damn ignorant to even have a real opinion.
    Most don’t anything about the other country because they’ve never actually
    been there. They just want to be edgy and tough by talking trash, and
    regurgitating second hand opinions they don’t even understand.

    Damn I feel bad for you all. Hopefully you’ll all wake up one day, throw
    away your useless pride and realize everyone is just a human being and that
    you’ve been acting like a huge piece of shit.

  19. In America they wouldn’t last very long doing this kinda stuff. They can
    get by with it over there, because everybody is unarmed prey.

  20. They took your guns, so the steroid thugs can kick yor door down and beat
    the shit outa you with no fear. Then they took yor knives so that you won’t
    cut the criminal and hurt him while he beats you to death. Then they took
    yor pepper spray, cause it could burn the criminals eyes and he can’t see
    what he’s doing when he rapes you. Britain is a damn criminal paradise.

  21. How are guns for “faggots”. A bullet ripping through your skull wouldn’t
    make you think that

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