U.S Student Visa Process

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Visiting the US Consulate for a Visa Interview
Applying for a Visa is an easy process.
Please keep in mind that only the applicant can enter the consulate.
To ensure adequate time for security please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment
All visitors will have to show an appointment letter and a valid passport to the greeter outside the gate before being allowed to enter.
Please note:
No cell phones
No electronics
No food
No large bags are allowed inside the consulate
After you enter the main gate, greeters are located throughout the waiting area to guide you and answer your questions. Look for their uniform and friendly faces!
You will be directed by the greeter to have a seat or proceed to get your token/ticket.
Once you have received your token/ ticket, proceed to the security check.
All visitors undergo a security screening, don’t forget to collect all of your belongings.
Visa applicants will continue to the waiting area, while you wait, refreshments are available.
For other visitors, you will proceed to meet with your consulate contact.
Applicants follow the walkway and you are almost there!
A greeter will verify your required documents, look at your token/ ticket and direct you to a waiting area.
Please take a seat and wait for your number to be called.
Make sure you monitor the TV screens so you don’t miss your number.

Proceed to the window indicated on the TV and take your place in line.
If you require fingerprints, you will be told which hand to place on the machine with the green light.
After you have given your fingerprints you will be directed to the appropriate waiting area, where you should again monitor the TV for your number.

Give only your passport to the interviewer by dropping it in the slot.
Do not give the officer other documents unless asked.
Be prepared to answer the consular officer’s questions truthfully and completely.

Visa interviews are usually brief. The visa officer will ask you a few questions.
Officers have a limited amount of time to talk to each applicant, and are trained to ask for relevant information.
If your visa is refused you will be given a written explanation. You may be asked to provide additional information.
Presenting fake documentation or making misrepresentations to a consular officer is against the law.
Not being truthful may result in a lifetime ban on getting a US visa of any type.

If your visa is approved, the officer will retain your passport, and your visa should be ready for pick up in 2 to 5 days form the offsite facilitation centre (OFC).
You will receive and email and an SMS when your passport is ready for pick up, and will have 14 days to retrieve your passport.
ACS interviews will vary depending on what services you are seeking.

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