The early hours of this morning saw the RBA interest rate decision and rate statement in Australia which had a noticeable effect on the value of the Australian Dollar.

Also the Swiss unemployment rate information was released at quarter to six this morning which set the Euro up nicely for the day’s trade opportunities.

Industrial production data was also released in Germany just a few hours ago so immediately, we should start seeing further fluctuation with regards to the Euro.

With all this in mind, when Eurozone leaders meet today to discuss the plans at an emergency summit in order to resolve the Greek debt crisis, we should see a major change on the charts on Trading Toolkit, especially with currency pairs which include the Euro.

There will be some low volatility events occurring later today in London which should stabilize the Pound Sterling until the GDP estimate is released by the national institute of Economic and Social Research at 2pm GMT.

This high importance event should keep traders on their toes as the report is highly reliable and will influence the UK monetary policy. Keeping an eye on the Trading Toolkit charts around these hours should lead to great opportunities for GBP trades.

Tonight, Japan will release bank lending figures which is the value of all outstanding loans with Japanese banks. The headline number is for total loans and discounts and is a percentage change from the previous year.

Early tomorrow morning, we will see the eco watchers survey released by the cabinet office in Japan which is expected to create a turn of events almost immediately as the survey is considered as basic material for assessing short-term economic trends in Japan which should affect the value of the Yen.

Keeping this information in mind will help differentiate between a simple price fluctuation and an ongoing trend. Traders would be wise to keep focusing on both the financial news and the top-of-the-line charts featured on Trading Toolkit to make the most accurate predictions for the day.

Good luck for today and I hope to see you trading successfully. [SIGN UP WITH TRADING TOOLKIT]