Top tips for first-time workers

Why do young people struggle to fine employment? What can young people do to help improve their chances to get a job.That is the message recruitment experts are giving first-time workers who have grown up in a world of email and SMS, on the back of News Corp Australia’s 5000 Jobs in 50 Days campaign.FAREWELL THE WORKING CLASS MANAn Adecco Group survey of 463 young people about to enter the labour market found more than half believed communication skills were an important factor in landing a job.Sarina Russo Job Access’ chief executive Dianne Fletcher said phone manner, in particular, was something she was drumming into 18 and 19-year-olds looking for work.“(It’s about) how to answer the phone clearly, identifying yourself and recognising the society and position of the person who may be calling you,” she said.“It could be a customer or a supervisor or a prospective employer calling you and that’s your first impression.THREE FOOD GIANTS HAVE 4000 JOBS AVAILABLE