The Thought Process when Buying A Home in Australia – Buyers Agent Tips and Advice

We all make decisions every day, some easier than others. But did you know that making too many decisions can lead to decision fatigue? Bryce explains how you can suffer from this and how it can affect you as a property investor.

Hello, in this How To session, I want to tell a story. I want to tell a story that goes through everyone’s decision making process when they are looking to buy a home. Now, there’s a few things that goes on in your head. You’ve grown up in area and you know the area well. You know its attractions, its benefits, you know the great coffee shop and you know what’s available there to you. So you’re just starting out and you’re thinking where do I want to buy. Well traditionally, what happen is you’ll buy in the next suburb out or maybe a couple of suburbs out because quite frankly as first home buyers, it’s a really struggle to get into the marketplace. You want to potentially buy in the corridor that you’ve got your support network. There are three reasons why you would do that.

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