The Thirst & Technology !

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25 thoughts on “The Thirst & Technology !

  1. Are you saying you don’t listen to music anymore Lui, or do you mean you
    don’t go to watch bands anymore?

  2. Its so enjoyable to watch your videos since we are around the same age and
    you speak everything I think of ….Your channel is great…Keep it Up…Me
    n my friends Salute You…Your the best…

  3. Thought I’m the only one who can’t stand attention whores and betas
    worshiping them which are treated like dogs

  4. dinner time here in para-dise, that is honolulu, hawaii bro! keep the
    faith, big guy. edit: starve the beast, bro.

  5. there is so much thirst from men for women in online dating…online dating
    literally destroys dating.

  6. Luis you’ve taken the red pill like I have, you’re just like me. Its
    frustrating seeing all of this garbage surrounding us.

  7. Average price of escorts in Germany before legalization: $200/hour

    Average price of escorts in Germany after legalization: $125/hour

    Price drops because of Eastern european girls flooding Germany

    Pussy Index is going down!!

  8. have any of you seen the horrible reviews for Paul Elam’s MGTOW book on and I can’t say I disagree with them lol

  9. “The thirst is real”

    I believe it. Like we all heard that the more sexual partners a woman has
    in her younger years the more neurotic she becomes later in her life, I
    think the more females a man sleeps with the harder it becomes for him to
    quench his thirst. Sex is indeed like a drug, and the world is filled with
    oversexualized addicts. It’s become embedded into the fabric of our
    culture. So what was once romanticised and valued as an honorable exchange
    two individual’s perform to express their “love” and devotion for one
    another, has been diluted to the point where it is nothing more than a
    commodity to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

    oh well…

  10. You’re the most genuine youtuber, i love your content, it always displays
    the hash reality of a man that lives on a feminized world. Needless to say
    I salute you on a daily Mr Marco. 

  11. Selfies are really an abomination of the 21st century.Idiots with
    overinflated egos who only love themselves.

  12. Narcissism is a disease among modern women. The body of a woman is so well
    designed that even women themselves fall in love with themselves. It is the
    carrot in front of the ass. Their body is the only power these women care
    about. Because of it they get special treatment from men and society. These
    women forget to see that their bodies will only last so long and after
    wards they have nothing else to offer the world.

    Women get their confidence thru their bodies…when their youth and bodies
    are gone so is their confidence.
    As long a men keep giving these attention whores the attention women will
    continue posting selfies online.

  13. texting and messaging IS an addiction for attention seeking people.
    Getting a text or facebook message or whatever stimulates the pleasure
    center of these individuals brains similar to the effects of certain
    “upper” types of drugs and creates a need for more and more to continue to
    get that same effect..

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