The other STDs ruining relationships

John Tiedemann illustrates Simon Benson’s opinion piece about Australia’s rising debt problem.But when they applied for a home loan, things began to unravel fast after her partner’s financial past came back to haunt them both.The Sydney woman had no idea her long-term partner actually held a big secret — one that affected their entire financial future.Her fiance had debts from a gambling habit, one which she had no clue about until they applied for a loan.“My credit history was fantastic, but his wasn’t at all,” said Amy, whose last name has chosen to withhold.“It completely threw me as I had no idea (about his past).”Amy said the couple were stuck and could have applied to other banks or financial institutions but were faced with a massive interest rate, something that seemed ridiculous on top of the amount they were looking to borrow.Amy, who works in sales, said she wished they had undertaken a credit check before applying for the loan.The couple has since split up.