Talk one: the causes – Global Financial Crisis Event : Dr. Steve Keen

The Global Financial Crisis: Causes and the Islamic alternative

This event was organised by Hizb ut Tahrir Australia and held at the Law Theatre, University of New South Wales, on the 24th of October, 2008.

This video is the first talk, on the causes of the Global financial crisis. Speaker: Dr Steve Keen – Associate Professor, University of Western Sydney, and well known economist.

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12 thoughts on “Talk one: the causes – Global Financial Crisis Event : Dr. Steve Keen

  1. I hate it when the speaker is referring to charts and graphs yet the camera
    remains continually on the speaker. If the point of recording the
    presentation is to share the information with as many paople as possible,
    it makes sense to do a better job of capturing the information being

  2. Many people think Steven Keen is a doomsayer. But if you have look at the
    people who have forecasted correctly the current crisis Jim Rogers, Peter
    Schiff, Gerald Celente, Max Keiser you will see the Keen is directly in
    align with them. What he is saying is the truth and the people who dismiss
    him will end up just like people who dismissed schiff in 2006 and 2007 of

  3. So far, other than Schiff, this is the only intelligent person I have heard
    speaking about the financial crisis. ALL the people on CNBC are NOT
    professionals, this guy is not only a professional he is a doctor.

  4. I wonder how bad Australia will be affected by this global crisis? Are we
    going to be worse than we were in 1929? Are we going to be in the same
    condition as USA?

  5. Who brings a baby to a talk/lecture such as this? Especially one that’s
    loud and hacking up a lung throughout the presentation.

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