Student Loan Debt Crisis

Total student debts pass credit card levels. ,000 per student. 1Trillion

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  1. It’s honestly sad when you have a great deal of foreign international
    students coming to our universities only to return to their home countries
    and helping out their economies in the process. Then here we are with this
    crisis put on our own…

  2. Understand that an African basket weaving degree will be less useful than a
    business degree & you’ve already solved 1/2 the problem.

  3. point taken….but you’re missing the bigger picture (and I can’t fault you
    for that because you took only biz admin classes instead of some of those
    ‘less important’ liberal arts classes.) the bigger pic: real wages have
    been stagnant for years but the student debt load is exponential and at the
    end of the day the nursing degree, the law degree, the social work degree,
    the management degree….while high demand areas will be useless as we (you
    and I ) will drown in student debt.

  4. obama didn’t do this….the republicans in congress who shot down pell
    grants (for undergrads) this past term, the ones last decade (along with
    clinton) who decided to move the debt load of higher ed to predominately
    loans and more importantly the electeds on both sides of the isle who have
    voted for student loans to have free market interest rates which profit big
    banks. you should thank obama’s admin for keeping the interest rate low for
    student loans over his first term….

  5. I am ashamed to tell my bf about my student loan debt. He is working so
    hard to get ahead, I don’t want him to be anchored to poverty like I feel I
    am. :’-( I hate this system. I hate my debt. Everyday I wake up and wish I
    could yell at 17 year old me. The one with optimism and hope who believed
    that the risk would pay off. I wish I could shake her and tell her how
    sh***y, the economy would be and how sucky my jobs prospects would be and
    how long it would take to pay it all off.

  6. I want to be clear, I think everyone should be able to go for whatever
    their dreams are. However, we also need to be realistic, especially in bear
    economies like the one we were just in and continue to be in. When there
    are cases that we change (like I did), we need to look at what the next
    best would be to have a better chance at employment. These are simple, yet
    fundamental changes that need to occur.

  7. I am so grateful for my parents. They’re not from America, so they don’t
    buy into (no pun intended) this debt nonsense. They told me to make great
    grades and high scores, do community service, and apply for scholarships.
    Then, attend a community college and transfer to a state university. Not
    only was the community and state education of surprisingly high quality–I
    ended up getting more than $5,000 BECAUSE I attended college. I wish more
    “traditional” American parents would have this mindset.

  8. Too many Americans led to believe that a college degree will automatically
    get them a 60K a year job 5 minutes from home that pays 2 weeks vacation.
    My advice to high school grads: Get experience in what you want to do first.

  9. Only half of the colleges answered the surveys concerning the average
    student loan debt. It seems logical to assume that many universities,
    particularly private universities, did not report their student loan debt
    because they wanted to conceal how much debt their students hold. I would
    not be surprised if the average student loan debt for a public education is
    closer to $35,000 and that the average student loan debt for a private
    education is at least $55,000.

  10. Good point. I actually tried to look for the percentage of students that
    graduated and were able to find a job in their field of study along with
    the student loan debt in some of the college’s websites, but I have yet to
    find any. :/

  11. Get citizenship or duel cit. in a different country then get your legal
    trust name changed (Your strawmans name we are all given at birth,
    birthcertificate) then just never pay the bankers who fucked you over back
    and keep the skills you have learnt:)

  12. everyone going to college will cripple the economy. college education is
    not the only way to make good money. In fact, working straight out of
    highschool has now proven itself more profitable and useful than wasting 4
    years accumulating debt just for the average student to get a lower paying
    job than that highschool graduate… unless you have top marks in your
    degree or are in a specialty faculty, you are going to be fucked

  13. 2:18 Unbelievable. After all that we’ve gone through, they’re still
    desperately trying to sell us snake oil.

  14. Not saying anything against you, but I feel for you man. Debt collectors
    will hunt you down. They will harass anybody who they think even has the
    slightest contact with you, just so they can attempt to collect. Just be
    prepared to be spam called by them. Not judging you or anything, but I’m
    just saying be prepared for it, unless you’re willing to leave the country.

  15. My friend, it has already happened. I get calls from so many different
    numbers I have to use Google to see who is calling. My bank account has
    already been garnished but because of no money due to not working they
    can’t take anything yet. It was LVNV Funding who got the court order. I
    sent them a record my back surgery and they still did it. If collectors
    want money then they’ll have to get in line. Or I’ll just do bankruptcy and
    get out of credit card debt.

  16. technically it’s illegal to start a biz with stud loan money….and the
    amount you are able to borrow is predicated on the cost of attendance for
    the university which would make it difficult to siphon off extra money for
    a start up….

  17. I think more and more parents are looking at this other option to finance
    education … and as a minority (african american) i know that this has
    been a prominent mantra of how to finance higher ed.

  18. You know what would really send a message? Forming a band of 5-10 college
    students. 4.0 GPA’s, leadership roles in college groups, all that good
    stuff. Now have these 5-10 college students become infamous and flood the
    media with series of crime. Why? Crimes to compensate the student loan
    debts. That’d be a message, just a matter of who would participate in that.

  19. yeah, I understand. But thats definitely not the case for private schools
    (which there are a lot more of in this country) So the number of people
    taking out loans substantially surpasses those who pay cash at their public
    college. I know since ive been in both sides of the spectrum (transferring
    to a public college after being in private)

  20. More [eople need to go to college? That woman who said that, is a monkey,
    repeating what she hears. Learn, on your own. You shouldn’t need a
    professor, in other words, a person pointing to what you should read.
    Figure it out.

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