Stock Market Rap – Smart Songs


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Shoeless Jeff and Scott Free rhyme about the Stock Market. Album: Trip to Wall Street

Verse 1: What are Stocks?

Companies sell stocks so they can raise money
Here’s a little story, you might find it funny
I was gonna start a summer job, mowing lawns
But I didn’t have a lawn mower to go along
And I didn’t have the money to buy one myself
I was hoping that somebody
Would come along and help
Scott, do you think you’d lend me some cash
So I could get a mower to cut lots of grass?
“Perhaps I gotta few bucks here in my pocket,
But if I give ’em up, I want some of the profit.”
You got it. For every dollar that my job earns
I’ll give you 25 cents back in return
Scott, you just bought a stock in my company:
Jeff’s Landscape, Lawn Care, and Shrubbery
Now you’ll have a say in how my company spends
I have the ends for the mower
And we’re both making dividends


A company is kinda like a building (Building)
Stocks are the bricks of the building (Building)
‘Cause if you own a brick, you own part of it
Stocks are sold on the stock market

A company is kinda like a pie (Pie)
A stock is a slice that you buy (Why?)
‘Cause if the pie is popular to eat
Then the slice is worth more on the street (Sweet)

Verse 2: The Dangers of the Stock Market

Now if you buy some stocks you will own some shares
Of the companies you pick, but please beware
The market is tricky, stocks can be risky
Pay a high price, and it can drop quickly
Swiftly, sonny, you can lose lots of money
If businesses struggle, it can get ugly
So trust me, it’s best to do your research
Before you spend cash, you should read first
All about the company and of its history
Products and owners should never be a mystery
How much they own verses how much they owe
It’s called net worth and it’s something you should know
But realize, prices rise and fall
Be cool, stay in for the long haul
Before you sell shares, stick to your vision
To make wise, tested investment decisions

Verse 3: Buying Stocks

You’ve been checking the paper, reading the news
Perusing the computer, looking to choose
A company or two that you know will do well
You see a new shoe brand that starting to sell
So you call up the guy who buys and sells stocks
Sometimes he’ll advise what to buy or not
He’s a stockbroker. Kinda like poker,
He knows all the rules and he controls the
Handling of stocks and you pay him a fee
Nowadays online, buy instantly
Some jobs give you stocks when you get hired
So you’ll have a little money by the time you retire
Put it in a 401k, save it for some day
‘Cause one day, when your hair’s gray, you’re gonna say
Hey, I’d like to play golf all day long
So maybe start singing the stock market song

Verse 4: Getting a loan

In times of need, a bank can be your friend
You can ask to borrow some of the money they lend
Suppose one day that you wanna buy a home
You can ask to borrow some of the money they loan
This is known by a home mortgage by many
A cushion so you don’t spend every last penny
And remember, what you borrow’s not free
You’ll have to pay the bank back the money, plus a fee
See the fee is what we call loan interest
Percentage charged to keep banks in business
Happen to have funds resting aside?
Consider giving some investing a try
When you put money into something worthwhile
There’s a chance it can add more cash to your pile
Like stocks and bonds, but there’s no guarantee
So do your homework, it can be risky