Stock Market Picks – Financial News – April 9, 2015 – Market news at your finger tips

It has been an exciting few weeks with stock markets posting solid gains. Stock markets got off to a great start this past Monday following a quiet and calm weekend.

Stock markets have been rising across Asia and Europe. With the civil war in Ukraine and the debt crisis in Greece having both stabilized, Europe is looking better than ever. Meanwhile, China is considering stimulus measures to jump start the local economy.

Why do I mention all of this? Because global stability is good for Wall Street. And with most of the economic data being reported in the United States remaining positive, we’re feeling confident that markets are going to continue to trend upwards through the near future.

If you’re looking for some hot stocks to cash in on, we’ve got some great picks you should consider.

First up is LiveDeal, which just last week enjoyed gains of over 6%. LiveDeal has shaken up its business model, and is now offering deals on a wide range of products for sale directly through its website.

The combination of online shopping and in-person savings will help LiveDeal emerge as a one stop shop for saving money. The addition of online shopping will also help the company add another revenue stream, which is great for business.

Another great hot stock is ZenDesk, which has been expanding internationally and recently announced that it is launching a new data center in Germany.

We love ZenDesk’s products and believe that the company will enjoy a lot of success abroad. With markets becoming increasingly integrated on a global scale, companies like ZenDesk will benefit because of how much value they add for their customers.

Our final hot stock pick is Dataram, which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of computer memory. While some computer component companies, such as Intel, have struggled as personal computer sales have declined, we believe Dataram is positioned for the future.

Dataram focuses mostly on producing components for servers and other business applications. This means that Dataram won’t feel as much pressure as personal computer component manufacturers.

We believe all three of these stocks present great opportunities for investors, and with global markets looking increasingly stable, now is a great time to invest.