Steve Keen EXPOSES Financial Fallacies and Debates the MORTGAGE DEBT Jubilee! [PRIME INTEREST 55]

Here’s what’s in your Prime Interest today:”I don’t understand gold.” Yes, that’s what our beloved Fed Chairman actually told Congress today. Maybe that’s why Germany wants 300 tonnes of it back. That would be gold the Fed is holding on its behalf. We have just one word for you Finance Minister Schaeuble: tungsten. But don’t worry, Chairman Bernanke assured the S&P 500 — now at all time highs — that the monetary QE stimulus will continue until the economy can stand on its own feet. Such anthropomorphization is quite quaint for an econometrician, isn’t it? We debunk the likes of Bernanke and talk about the mortgage jubilee with economist Steve Keen. And, Jamie Dimon can’t seem to find a chair that isn’t the hot seat. JP Morgan is about to shell out a few hundred million in a settlement with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. That would be for allegedly manipulating energy markets in California, Enron style. Barclays already settled for 5 million. And a similar settlement for JP Morgan would amount to — well just one sixtieth — of its billion in revenues reported last Friday. No word yet on how much it actually profited from allegedly bilking Americans.Finally, subprime is back. The Consumer Financial Protection Board just strengthened mortgage underwriting standards. But if you don’t fall under the new rules, don’t worry. Because the guy who helped write the rules at the CFPB just went private — and started a company that will service the very market his old regulatory body now excludes. And, yes, they’re even providing interest-only financing — because that worked so well in 2008. You can’t make this stuff up! Perianne breaks down the boom-bust cycle.