Startup Loans – A new generation of entrepreneurs

Five start-up businesses who’ve had funding through Start Up Loans set off for Richard Branson’s house for a mentoring session with a number of FastTrack100 entrepreneurs, with Richard Branson joining for a lunchtime discussion.

The Start Up Businesses:
Bloom Studios –
Thousand Yard Films –
Ticky Turner –
Music Tutor Direct –

Special thanks to Sir Tom Shebbeare, Neil Stephenson, Jason Petsch, Mike Peckham & Sir Richard Branson

9 thoughts on “Startup Loans – A new generation of entrepreneurs

  1. I think it is absolute brilliance in coaching and encouraging the lives of
    young people. I wish to be young again and had known all about how Virgin
    successfully accomplishes every dream. Brilliant. Aloha 3

  2. Love the ending Famous Quote: “You have to say ‘screw it, let’s do it’ and
    give it a go.”

  3. Fantastic… Video,,, Informative…Empowering,,,, Thank U… Rich-LONGJOY

  4. — LUCKY them to have people like you WILLING to help OUT — With age
    comes experience, and then follows wisdom — TRUST you have in the
    start-up businesses – RISKS you are taking if they fail — YOUR
    encouragement towards young people is FANTASTIC —

  5. Always good to inspire the future generation of entreprenuers. Start Up
    Loans provide a great stepping stone to give your business that extra boost
    it needs especially when cash flow is fairly restricted.

  6. We’re proud to be supporting +Start-Up Loans North East with +Virgin Unite
    & PNE Enterprise.

    Helping entrepreneurial 18-30s in the North East start their own businesses
    #BetterBanking ^AS

  7. Do they lend money at all? Talking on YouTube is free but I wanna know it
    they actually lend money at all. Cameron wants to kill all businesses in UK
    and I’m wondering if it’s any point to apply for such loan. I had my own
    business about 10 years ago and now want to reactivate it. I need about

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