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The full documentary film Spent: Looking for Change. A film about the nearly 70 million Americans locked out of traditional financial services, and the beginnings of a movement for hope and change. To learn more and take action, visit http://www.spentmovie.com/.

Turning to pawn shops, check cashing services, and payday loans to meet basic financial needs can be a costly choice. In 2012, Americans spent billion on fees and interest* on alternative financial services. It’s time for change. New technology, new ideas and new conversation around this issue can help create more simple, affordable money management options.

American Express is presenting this documentary to spark a dialogue about financial inclusion in the United States. Academy Award®-¬winning filmmaker Davis Guggenheim is the executive producer of the documentary, which is narrated by Tyler Perry and directed by Derek Doneen.

*Source: CFSI, November 2013 Market Sizing Report

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25 thoughts on “Spent: Looking For Change (Full Documentary) | American Express

  1. Looking for Change is a film about the nearly 70 million Americans locked
    out of traditional financial services, and the beginnings of a movement for
    hope and change.

  2. Life isn’t easy plain and simple. Along the way you do have “choices”
    always remember that. Stay positive always, and never loose sight of your
    dream. Keep working hard and avoid debt, learn to control your budget above

  3. Not nearly as powerful a documentary as it could have been. A missed
    opportunity I think. Would love to see Frontline tackle this issue. 

  4. Very interesting reality that millions of Americans are living with…
    #paydayloans #checkcashingsystem #debt #badcredit #lookingforchange 

  5. this video is so dumbed down, ” I have to make all the holes myself, all of
    them?” as in when she goes to sleep there are no elves to finish her work.
    Her problem is she spent 100,000 on education and then is trying to make a
    living making and selling handbags.

  6. Watch this documentary to see how nearly 70 million Americans are locked
    out of traditional financial services. There are real families. Your

  7. I hope and pray that all these people accomplish their true purpose.

    God bless them.

  8. I feel their pain. I had two jobs, lost one. I cannot find another because
    I get medical and other benefits from the part-time job, and companies are
    unwilling to hire because they want you to work around their schedule. It
    is a ” catch 22.” because if you try a new position and doesn’t work out,
    then you end up with no insurance,

  9. This hits close to home my husband and I have been struggling for years and
    have just bounced back from being homeless due to the kindness of my
    husbands new boss. The biggest mistake during the time was getting a Title
    Max loan it has been killing us to refinance every month by selling and
    pawning our things and are now facing the fact of letting the car go
    instead of continuing to be stuck in the cycle that we can not afford. Yes
    money is an issue but I am happy to be alive , to have my husband, this
    little apartment and our two little furkids salem and harley. Life is hard
    but it is even harder if you can’t appreciate the little things in life.

  10. This is what American has become, you know train wrecks happen, but forced
    to watch it is heartbreaking. Millions of People around the world, that you
    think had a sturdy foundation in the Middle Class are one bill away from
    being poor.

  11. Start voting the right way. Educate yourselves and quit voting for
    Democrats. They love to keep
    You down. God bless you all. We are all in the same boat.

  12. This is heart wrenching I can only say people do what they need to do to
    make ends meet. Why do we have a financial system that is unable to serve
    the poor instead they make them pay higher fees to no avail. Otherwise is
    it right to keep kicking someone who is already down. This is unacceptable
    to me especially in these economic times of uncertainty. Something not
    right in America & I want to change it how about you?

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