Silver Update 4/17/15 Spigot Off

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23 thoughts on “Silver Update 4/17/15 Spigot Off

  1. No way would I sell any of my Lunar series coins. They’re going to my 3
    grand kids some day. But If I did. Nothing less than $70 for the tiger. And
    that would only happen if I really needed fiat. Snakes and Horses, i would
    never sell. Didn’t buy any Goats tho. Didn’t like them 

  2. Why not sell the $70 coins now and get 4 oz in silver in return? Wouldn’t
    that seem to offer quicker growth potential owning 4 times the amount of
    silver at current prices? Do you really believe this coin will double in
    value quicker at it’s current asking price over 4 oz of .999 bullion? 

  3. They’re warning you to get ready for reality, so their new hero can come
    for the election, third party maybe? I haven’t read the script, who’s
    popular now?

  4. I bought my first Silver in 2012 (eagle, maple, phili) i never here at this
    time from the Lunar ore African Wildlife ;-( i wish i have. I think the
    Standard coins also very good in a Crisis? Now i have also the Wildlife
    2013, Koala 2013, Kokaburra 2013/2015, the Saltwater Croc. The new Perth
    Mint Spider are very Nice do you see the Coin? +Brother JohnF 

  5. Thanks for the heads up, BJF. It ties in well with the JP Morgan Chase
    letter that outlines the bank’s plan to survive whatever they seem to imply
    is coming.

    Topic at the end about the Lunar Series
    Cash vs Bullion vs Semi Numismatics

    I have been into coins since the 4th grade… Now that I’m in my mid 30s I
    understand that a coin is a tool, and has a purpose and job. I spend and
    save cash, while only saving silver.
    Cash – can be saved for the purpose to spend later…until it is no longer
    accepted…then what?

    Bullion – Eagles, Maples leafs, and Britannias, along with old
    congressional junk silver, are the most recognized, and will be the first
    to be back in circulation as the dollar goes the way of the peso.

    The Perth I buy is for my own personal sanity. It holds me accountable to
    still enjoy and appreciate the art, history, and sentiment involved in
    coins. I have to remind myself that this is still a hobby as well as an
    Example: my old 3-fold navy blue cardboard coin books from the 4th grade,
    are worth the least, but would be the last thing I would ever sell.

    The Lunar series has value right now due to 2 crucial factors.

    1) Supply = People who have them don’t need to sell, so the keep/collect

    2) Demand = those that want to collect them, have the money and are willing
    to pay..

    When the economy changes, I believe those two factors will as well. When
    people need money and look to sell…they may find everyone else is in the
    same boat and won’t have money to buy…

    Just food for thought, stackers.


  6. Global Terminal Debt Saturation wasn’t turned around with ‘low interest’ or
    ‘QE’, so all that government ‘Bridge Borrowing’ now has to be destroyed, or
    its hyper-inflation will reach general goods pricing.

    What has to happen is a ‘Grand Sacrifice’ of ‘cash’ and we all know who’s
    Ox will be thrown on the fire. The decree of Global Governance upon the
    world’s ‘little people’ is … ‘Borrow or Die’.

    The ‘exit hatch’ is full-on rejection of all government ‘currency’ by
    adoption of Private Money, free of ‘legal’ nexus to performance

  7. Serious question.. where are you getting 2015 Perth Mint Lunar series coins
    for $5-6 over spot?? Best I can find anywhere is like $$8-9 over.

  8. LoL, Do you actually know the price of this 1 ounce tiger in Australia?
    $100 ! why would i sell my tigers to you for $50?
    I have some 2012 Year of dragons going double spot, I suppose i could sell
    those and pick up 2 standard koala’s or kooks
    Don’t forget any profits made are subjected to capital gains tax.

  9. Thanks for the update on liquidity. 2- Retailing a semi-numizmatic coins is
    a business, selling 999 silver at spot is an easy financial transaction.
    Extracting the premum back is not for every one, but some will do very well
    at this and some just like rare coins.

  10. I started with 90%, next was generic bars and rounds, moved to RCM
    Wildlife,ASE. But when the price started to get beat up abut 3 years ago I
    fell in love with Kooks both privy and regularones and Lunar coins. It is
    NO CONTEST. Look up even 2013 snakes and compare them to 2013 any
    government mint coins. I consider the price of eagles to be the true spot
    price as far as what you pay goes. And if truth be told, Kookaburra wise I
    load up on the privys at the beginning of the issue because the premium
    ALWAYS goes up during the year. BJF knows what he’s talking about, I would
    only say build a base of 90% and some generics. Diversify your stack:
    90% & Generic = anticipated possible barter savings
    US government coins = Possible tax advantages when selling, MAYBE.
    All types Kooks/Lunar= No brainer quality investment.

    At any rate Good Luck and happy stacking

  11. Most stackers are purchasing silver as protection from a currency collapse.
    When the collapse happens the public is going to be looking for the most
    secure and liquid silver, like Eagles and Maples. They are not going to be
    looking for any collector or numismatic coins that more expensive and they
    aren’t even sure are real. BJF is evidently not a silver stacker but a coin

  12. BJF i may be wrong but i see stacking silver because it is an under valued
    precious metal and collecting coins as two different things. I believe any
    numismatic value paid other than the small amount paid for the liquidity
    and tax benefits for Eagles will be hard to collect on when silver goes way

  13. i agree +BrotherJohnF , the elite will look for scape goats when the global
    markets tank…THEY control the purse and flow of easy money

  14. BJF – what do you think of my 2015 Birther Commemorative 2oz Coin? There is
    a Youtube video if you want to see it. Politics aside, I know it is over
    priced relative to spot, but I figure it is a limited strike and I am only
    going to make a few this year.

  15. Forget silver please !
    “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR’ that is the solution
    The sinister agenda is engineered around only this ONE SINGLE SOLUTION ! –
    Love thy neighbor. It is simple but genius because the solution has to be *uninteresting
    and not believable*
    PASS IT ON or Message me please, if after your research and critical
    thought process, you feel doubtful. It is your duty to self and the entire
    world. Thanks my moally courageous friends.

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