She Is A Dinner W*ore !!!

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25 thoughts on “She Is A Dinner W*ore !!!

  1. Hey she ain’t wrong man . She ain’t Fuck them in the end . Its there own
    fault trying to score pussy by buying food and being lame . A normal guy
    would of got to known the chick a little first n caught on to her crazy
    expensive orders . I would of told her she paying for her own meal 

  2. Haha Lui, I like it when you are angry! BTW, if you use Firefox, install
    the “Adblock” plugin and you will not see these Mike Chang type of ads
    anywhere (including YT)

  3. She didn’t harness the power of Craigslist, she harnessed the power of
    PUSSY!! She knows that there are sooo many Thirsty dudes out there that bow
    down to the pussy and are willing to do anything to rent it or just be near
    it. This world is full of SIMPS and sadly that will never change. Society
    and the media has conditioned us to conform to this way of thinking. It’s
    time to wake up men.

  4. Women like to think that they can abuse men like this and then still
    somehow end up with their Prince Charming. There is no Prince Charming or
    Mr. Right for women like this. By constantly abusing people, you learn to
    get used to it. The brain is wired to auto-respond to what you’ve practiced
    doing in the past. If you’ve spent your whole life being a bitch, you
    aren’t going to suddenly change for a guy who’s a “keeper”. This becomes
    more apparent as women who were beautiful in their teen years and 20s, move
    into their 30s. They are less attractive but still have the attitudes of
    someone who thinks they are too good for everyone else.

  5. They can keep the food, give me the money.
    I love her! Men do this anyway, they take women out all the time and
    usually don’t get any pussy. whats the big fucking deal. If men are willing
    to do this, why is she in the wrong? She wasn’t fucking the dudes, so its
    not prostitution. The bitch was hungry, she got fed. I’m a gay man and I
    wish I could get guys to take me out. Women have it easy. They get taken
    out by desperate ass men. Guys will do anything for women if they can be in
    close proximity to their vagina

  6. i would not pay for dinner if she isn’t with me together. for what? for
    hoping to get her pussy? lol.
    bitches nowadays can have a coffe for free on the first dates but nothing
    more. Because most aren’t worth a dinner invitation.

  7. It would be funny when she orders a $400 dollar meal and the guy she is
    with tells the waiter “Separate bills please.”

  8. Men = stepping stone. Just how it is. Tricky part is how to avoid the
    aggression in the wake of rejection of female attention. First lesson,
    dudes; get the eff off these CraigsList bla bla womenwillpreyonya websites.
    Just don’t. 

  9. Guilty. Tried to impress chicks for years with my wallet. Total Chump. Paid
    EVERYthing and MAYbe get laid. Wasted my time/money/energy on whore-like

  10. women like this are worst than prostitutes, because she is tricking people.
    never spend any money on any date never.

  11. This is why so many men expect something in return for them taking women
    out. But it is a hard lesson learned, which is why I would never spend one
    thin dime on any new woman, whom I do not know. My friends and girlfriend
    can have my last nickel, but any new woman would have to wait ” until we
    get to know each other better “.

  12. Please don’t call her a prostitute or whore. Prostitutes or whores are
    professional service providers who are very honest about what they do and
    what compensation they require for their services. This woman is just

  13. Another thing a lot of women do is show up at the last minute with a
    friend, telling the victim that her friend is from out of town & has
    nothing else to do that night, & the unsuspecting sap will end up buying
    dinner for both of them.
    If you’re on a date with a woman it’s because you like her boobs or
    something like that. If she likes you too then you shouldn’t have to buy
    her anything. If she has no attraction for you then why would you buy her
    a gumball?

  14. This is why western culture is dying. It is rotten to the core. No wonder
    people from Easter culture are still getting married and having kids.

  15. Never have anything to do with women.
    Just live and as the memory of the cunts receeds into the past,happiness

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