Seven News Sydney – Partial Bulletin (24th March 2017)

The latest local, national and international news from Seven News Sydney. With Michael Usher (news), Jim Wilson (sport) and Angie Asimus (weather).
In this bulletin:
Opener and two truck drivers killed in a head-on crash on Picton Road in Wilton.
A teenager admits in court to plotting an attack on Anzac Day services.
The attacker who killed four people in London has been identified, eight others arrested during police raids.
The three victims of the attack have been identified while parliament pays tribute to fallen police officer. More than 20 people injured.
Pauline Hanson makes more provocative comments on Islam.
Family members grieving for missing toddler walks outside of Wollongong court without seeing the accused killer.
Mortgage holders will feel more pain as Commonwealth Bank and ANZ increased their home loan interest rates.
Home pregnancy tests have been recalled from supermarkets aftr failing to detect pregnancies.
Weather update with Angie Asimus.

Three sailors rescued from their strickened boat by the navy last weekend speak of their ordeal.
A man has been arrested trying to drive into a crowd in Belgium.
Thousands have farewelled IRA leader turned peacemaker Martin McGuiness in Northern Ireland.
Peru mudslide survivor speaks of her ordeal after being released from hospital.
Cronulla looking to keep its remaining premiership players in the club with new demands and a tightening budget.

A man who defaced a police memorial gets a 2-year beehaviour bond.
A new battle for a cult leader who sexually assaulted two woman in the 1990s, trying to get his ankle bracelet removed to enter politics.
Secretary accused of stealing 0,000 from her boss overwhelmed by the prospect of jail time, wheeled out of court by paramedics.
Donald Trump’s first big deal, the abolition of Obamacare, fails to pass through congress.
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban arrive at Sydney Airport with their daughters.

Finance and fuel reports.
New South Wales is losing a record 500 residents a month to Victoria.
A beer or wine for dinner may improve the health of the heart.
A Melbourne mother with twins is donating 10 embryos to couples looking to start a family.
The Duchess of Cambridge opens up on motherhood being a huge challenge during a speech in London.
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