Sent broke by mortgage brokers

January 23, 2014: Theyre the mortgage brokers turning the Australian dreams into a nightmare. Falsifying assets and incomes so they can hand over huge amounts of money. The brokers get their bonuses by setting families up to live on the road of financial ruin.

One thought on “Sent broke by mortgage brokers

  1. The question you need to ask is that the client must be in the sh*t if
    they are having to make up non existent cars and shares. The lenders look
    at affordabilty and the asset they have as security. The basic things such
    as cars and shares are really non existent. To make up fake names , you
    cannot do this as the lender does a title search on the security at hand
    and if it does not match up they will not settle. Any form of lending
    is the most important rule is this . If the client cannot afford it . The
    loan will not proceed. The Consumer credit code states this´╗┐

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