SATHAPANA Bank Plc ‘s Documentary 2016

SATHAPANA Bank Plc. was established as a Cambodian non-government organisation (NGO) in 1995, under the name of Cambodia Community Building (CCB), to offer financial and health education services to poor communities. After financial grants were finished in late 1999, CCB adopted a minimalist microfinance approach focusing purely on credit loans and saving services. As a result, the lending operations shifted gradually from predominantly village banking group loans to a mix of solidarity group lending and individual lending. The CCB put forth its efforts to transform into a licenced microfinance institution. The CCB registered at Ministry of Commerce in February 2003 with the new name “Cambodian Entrepreneur Building Limited.” In April 2003, CEB obtained a licence of microfinance institution from the National Bank of Cambodia. The name of company was changed to SATHAPANA Limited (SPN) with Reachasey, the king of animals as its logo in 2008. SATHAPANA Limited was the first MFI to obtain deposit taking licence from the National Bank of Cambodia in January 2009. SATHAPANA merged with MARUHAN Japan Bank to form a big commercial bank in Cambodia, and the company received a commercial banking licence from National Bank of Cambodia in March 2016. SATHAPANA Bank Plc. is providing saving, loan, remittance, ATM products and many other banking services.