Same-day home loans on their way

A look at the nation’s property market for the week ending Saturday 6th August.Global company DocuSign is working with some of the nation’s largest banks to help fast track the time-consuming home loan process which can take many applicants three to four weeks before they are stamped with approval.The new program which already exists around the world allows documents to be electronically signed resulting in mortgage applications — particularly in the later stages — to be approved at a much faster rate.MORTGAGE FRAUD BY BANKS AND BROKERS IS THE DIRTY SECRETYOUR MORTGAGE SHOULD NOW START WITH THE NUMBER 3In the US same-day home loans are already a reality and DocuSign’s Australia and New Zealand spokesman Adrian Wicks said the introduction of electronic signatures on mortgage documents here would help boost home loan competition.“We are working with most of the banks and some of the bigger brokers at the moment to make this a reality, there’s a bit rush on to do this,’’ he said.