Ross Greenwood attacks government over talent ‘brain drain’

August 14, 2015: Finance editor Ross Greenwood discusses the future of Australia’s economic growth and how the politicians make in impact.

Today Show finance editor Ross Greenwood has delivered a blistering attack on the federal government over allowing Australian talent to go offshore, saying parliament has “their heads up their backsides” on the issue.

Speaking on Today this morning, Greenwood threw down the challenge to the Abbott Government to explain how the Australian economy will adapt after the mining boom, citing the strong performance of Australian medical science companies Sirtek and CSL as examples.

“But the medical science that we really urgently need right now is to find a way to extract politicians’ heads out of their backsides to get them to make changes right now,” Greenwood said.

“Not next election, not next week, and make the country more competitive and profitable to give you a chance to get you a job, and your kids as well.”