Reserve bank of Australia explained

Newstopia explains the workings of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

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  1. @crocfme not to mention more jobs being outsourced to technology and making
    living cheaper. The nanotech revolution will put an end to money as a whole
    in the coming couple of decades.

  2. @diaverde09 if you take a step back even further you wouldn’t even
    categorise people into Americans and Australians 🙂

  3. @Tanguru I’m not saying that working of a gold standard is perfect, but at
    least money would be backed by something tangible, fractional banking is a
    scam and the cause of the global financial crises, reserve banks are run by
    people interested in lining there own pockets, we did better with out them
    and we can again. Government backed currency not reserve (private banking
    cartel) currency.

  4. @TheFeistyGirl correct. the axis of evil is the last hold out against the
    fractional reserve banking system. good to see some are out of bed….

  5. @Cosmickey86 I have seen it, but to be honest it was a little confusing
    still, and secondly some of it seemed a bit bias or had poor sources. Then
    again with such a controversial topic and a lot of fed bank conspiracists
    it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction regarding such matters.
    Might watch it again and see if I can make more sense of it. Thanks. 🙂

  6. You are watching US documentaries, the Federal Reserve and the Bank of
    England are privately own banks, however, The Australian Reserve Bank is
    own by the Commonwealth of Australia, meaning The citizens of Australia.

  7. The RBA is privately owned, it is not a government department. Today they
    were given $8.8 Billion of Australian tax payer dollars.

  8. Can someone please remind me when the Annual “beat the living crap out of
    a random banker day” is? Remember people make sure you make them aware that
    you are fearing for you life (then it is self defence) and it’s OK to take
    any reasonable steps to defend yourself against women as well as men.

  9. this is the most retarded thing I have ever seen, higher prices is a good
    thing unless its more than 2-3% inflation, which is what the RBA controls
    in order to sustain the economy from sudden swings and downturns, which is
    the whole point of monetary policy so they can discourage and encourage
    foreign investors, bankers and borrowers with the buying of monetary value
    of money. Without the RBA we would be as bad as USA with GDP as low as
    negative and unemployment greater than 7%, bloody awful

  10. Thats why Gadaffi went down he had plenty of the yellow bricks and
    Disneyland thinks its theirs in the the wonderful world of Aus and
    Indonesia because because because we have no heart not head and are made of
    straw. Not substance that will ensure a prosperous and peaceful region of
    South East Asian Multicultural Secular Democracy with 1 to 1 real time
    transparent hand phone based government we will be OK and much better than
    we are under the domination of known Hitler supporters and Fascist

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