Requiring Debt Collectors to Verify or Validate the Debt-Your Secret Weapon against Debt Collections

If you’re being sued on a debt and need to know how to answer or what to do:

If you would like to get a personalized evaluation of your situation, We also have a lot more help on the site as well.

For information that will help you take advantage of the debt collectors’ weaknesses and use them to blow their cases away, go to. When you get the first notice that a debt collector is after you – and even before that – you know you have debt problems.There you will find a lot of information, much of it free. Within five days of first contact by a debt collector, you should get an opportunity to “dispute and request verification” or validation of the debt. This video explains why you should do that and why it helps put an end to harassing calls and other harassment. It isn’t hard for the debt collectors to do, but it will often make them go away. And if they don’t verify the debt you can sue them under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) for unfair debt collection practices. For information that will radically change what the debt collection process means to you, go to: Requiring Verification: Watch this video and then go to to sign up for a free copy of the FDCPA.

Your Legal Leg Up is a website dedicated to helping ordinary people beat the debt collectors if they are sued for debt. The debt collectors usually do not have the materials they need to win these suits, but they do win most of them by default – that is needless and harmful where people can defend themselves. Debt defense is not rocket science. You just need a willingness to fight and a little help. You’ll get that at