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  1. ahh the consumer purchase. The disclosure package from the Crown contain
    improperly marked Consumer Purchase Notes that may have the name of JOHN
    DOE. The Consumer Purchase Notes are from the following: Telus, Bank of
    Montreal and TD Canada Trust

  2. I really appreciate your personal PM to me last year about a credit card
    problem. They were charging me for stuff I’d never bought and I’d correctly
    notified them IMMEDIATELY by registered mail and they didn’t deal with it!
    I absolutely had to quit paying and said in writing, hey, no fair! I was
    not skipping out but the charges were wrong. I used to get good service
    from them but it all went to heck. No more credit cards for me.

  3. To where screwing the banks I’m all for, but isn’t the problem of people
    NOT living within their means part of this whole debt problem. I’ve had
    friends walk away from their home loans to where I have not, because I
    signed on that line and am taking the responsibility for the loan I signed

  4. Can the Crown tell me where on the “Bill” aka account statement it is
    labeled “consumer purchase”?

  5. Great video Joe but I recall seeing similar info of this topic and it was
    stated that a valid contract must have 2 signatures. Your own and the
    credit card company’s. The person providing the info stated that as the
    credit card applicant you never get a copy of any contract with their
    signature making it invalid and fraudulent. Any thoughts on this? Were they

  6. WOW,,,Dont know if youve talked on this movie yet,but please watch the
    movie “LOOPERS” staring Bruce Willis. Silver and the future (China is
    mentioned) I’d like to know your thoughts……

  7. Corporations are not people. (as much as they like to claim) Personally, it
    doesn’t bother me to screw a corporation which has every intention to screw
    me. As far as credit history goes, that’s something each person will have
    to weigh.

  8. This is good info, thanks for starting this dialog, the vid and comments
    are very informative. Its not cool to default on debts, but in this day
    where corporations or so ruthless, and govts and corps are one in the same,
    its good to know you can default and not get hammered.

  9. Good info, but the banks are sure to change the rules, hell, they make new
    rules everyday. They have a new tactic now, if the judge can be bought,
    best damn bet they will leverage that against you too. Be aware, debter’s
    prisons are out there too. I have a cousin doing ten years in a fema type
    facility, giving free labor, all over $3,500 in made up credit card

  10. Uh, they can GARNISH wages, people.. Depending on how agressive the bank
    becomes.. Hey! here is a THought.. DON”T USE CREDIT!! I have had no car
    pmnts in 10 yrs, no credit in 12 yrs.. House almost paid off ( this one)..
    Live WAY Below means, Stack cash, buy shit CHEAP as folks continue dumping
    NICE stuff at firesale prices.. Give to charity! Nice having NO Debt!! I
    Laugh and laugh at the Pretty cars I see!! Fools with Car payments!!

  11. Yes..And they can Resurrect that debt into Infinity!! They just go get a
    new and freshened up Judgement.. If you OWE it, PAYit!! DON”T use Credit!!
    Ever..Further, I don’t really CARE aout FICO scores, But if you are a jOB
    seeker? You won’t get that interview if you have LOW Fico and you have poor
    character/discipline and don’t pay your debts!! I am TIRED of whiners who
    were not REsponsible and want a Bail out! FLASH: YOU are NOT a Big Bank!! (
    RARELY) was that debt for MEDICAL Bills!!

  12. For the credit card default… Go to court, even if they have your
    signature on the contract and say…” This contract is null and void
    because its a unilateral contract and for a contract to be binding it has
    to have both parties signatures” see they havent put anything up for
    collateral on their end since they “POOF” created the credit out of thin
    air… so the contract is crap and you TRULY dont owe anything on it

  13. You have to get it in writing from the bank that as a condition of you
    making a payment to them to settle an account, they will also clean up your
    credit bureau otherwise, yes, it will give you bad credit temporarily. You
    can clean it up on your own in about a years time.

  14. Credit card debt is an unsecured loan. The only reason that the criminal
    banksters give people credit cards is that most people are good and will
    try to make their payments and not default. If you’ve ever done the
    research, you’ll find that the credit card default rate often follows the
    unemployment rate. Meaning that the most common reason for default is the
    inability to pay. I would dispute that CC’s are honest debt, too many
    people don’t even know kind of debt a credit card is.

  15. No, I’ve defaulted on $22,000 of credit card debt due to unemployment. The
    only thing that you do with the primary lender is verify your name, phone #
    and address and give a reason for nonpayment when they call, then hang up
    no matter what other questions they may have. Give them no other info but
    name, phone#, address & a very short brief reason for nonpayment. After 6
    months when they sell your info to a third party collection agency, then
    ask for a copy of the contract from the agency.

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