Quicken 2016 Windows Review | Newest Version | Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business

Use this Quicken Comparison Chart to help you decide which version you need: http://www.topfinancialtools.com/quicken-2016-comparison-chart-fullpage-b/

Hello, my name’s Nate, and I run a website at http://TopFinancialTools.com. I started this website back in 2014 to help people find the best personal financial management software. I’ve been a user of Quicken since 1997, so I’ve seen most of the update, changes, and new features.

This is my review of Quicken 2016 for Windows. I’ve tried to give a good overview of all the main features and my opinion on the product. This year’s release hasn’t added a lot of new features, but does include a new online bill synchronization tool.

In this review, I use the Home & Business version of Quicken 2016. The Deluxe and Premier versions don’t have all the features that are in Home & Business. There is also a Rental Property Manager version, which has everything that’s in Home & Business, in addition to extra tools for managing rental properties.

If you’ve used Quicken before, chances are you already know which version you should get. If you aren’t sure, I’ve created a comparison chart of all the main features of each version, along with a price comparison of each version at several online stores. I hope this will help you decide on which version is best for you and show you where to get the best price.

Here’s a link for the price & feature comparison chart: http://www.topfinancialtools.com/quicken-2016-comparison-chart-fullpage-b/

I hope you like this video (it’s a little long and boring, but hey, this is financial management software we’re talking about). Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think!