Prosper Review: Our Initial Investment After reaching ,000 in Lending Club loans, it is time to try out Prosper! Come check out our site for P2P lending discussion, strategies, and other topics! Live the New Economy: We aim to inspire flouring and purposeful lives through physical and spiritual wellness, intentionality, frugality, and creative financial action!

9 thoughts on “Prosper Review: Our Initial Investment

  1. I definitely will. I recommend you visit the site. I do a monthly earnings
    report that includes P2P lending results.

  2. Seems to me so far by your results that prosper is the best investment.
    (less loss) I am doing Lending Club now. Just started this past month.

  3. Jason, no, you can’t. I have a detailed post going up over on the LTNE site
    next week that covers this and some other topics. I think you’ll enjoy it!

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