Property Loan Advisor Mission and Purpose by Felicity Heffernan Mortgage Broker

Finding a good mortgage broker is a bigger challenge than most people realise. Make sure you check out their track record and how many properties they own and how many loans they have done for themselves and other people. This short slide presentation is all about my personal mission and purpose for my company at .

About Felicity Heffernan — Experienced Property Investor and Mortgage Broker
Acquired 151 properties with my own money and JV partners over a 10 year period
Diploma Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking Management)
Advanced Course Mortgage Planning
Associate Diploma in Business Management
29 years experience in Financial Services Sector
Australian Credit Licence
First Start Mortgage Company P/L – Australian Credit Licence — 389908

Felicity has over 20 years banking and finance experience with the Colonial State Bank. In 1999 I went to the U.S. to learn how to creatively buy and sell property using vendor finance. She took what she learnt in the U.S. and applied the strategies to the Australian Market.

In 1999 she commenced her own business as a property Investor working with other investors sourcing investment properties. She went on to buy and sell with her own and joint Venture partners money 151 properties in 10 years offering Vendor Finance to people who were unable to qualify for traditional bank finance.

In 2007, frustrated and disappointed at the ability of many mortgage brokers ability to get her vendor financed purchasers into a bank loan she started her own Mortgage Broking business. Now she specialises in financing investors like herself who are building wealth through property.

As a professional investor she is well qualified to assist investors at all levels and of course she can easily handle owner occupiers buying their own home.