Property Investing for Beginners – Free Webinar with Ben Kingsley and Bryce Holdaway

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Have you ever read an article that says, “We’ve build a million property portfolio in under 5 years!” and thought to yourself, “How did they do it?!”. Well, you are not alone.

Property Investment is a popular choice of building wealth in Australia for a number of reasons. But to start building your property portfolio is not easy. You need to know a few things:

Where should you buy the first one?
How much yield should you go for?
Apartment or House? New or old?
How should you structure your loan? Do you have enough?

Since it is your first time, you need to make sure everything is right. As we always say at Empower Wealth, property is a high value transaction and to screw it up will result in very unfortunate damage and they are often irreversible. So join this free webinar today and make sure you are on the right path!

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