Pmf Legal Limited World Insolvency Bankruptcy Stories April 2013 Leisurely Read

OK — here are some of the names that appear in this month’s look at the big insolvency stories that have just been in the news — find the story here that tells you why:
From the world of entertainment – Dionne Warwick, Kevin Costener, Wayne Newton, Life of Pi
From our everyday world — the Grand Canyon, Rosella, Twinkies. Byron Bay Cookies, J C Penney, Dippin Dots, Pescanova, HMV, Kodak, Readers Digest, Barnes & Noble, Bradford & Bingley,
From the fashion brands that we like to shop — Brown Sugar, French Connection, Madison, Payless Shoes, Monsoon, Store Twenty One
From the world of finance and industry — Madoff, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Petrobas, Fannie Mae, AIG, RBS, Solar World, IBRC, Rede Energia, Telefonica, Banco BVA, Tinkler
Automobiles and Aircraft — Chrysler, Fisker Automotive, Beechcraft, American Airlines, Southern Air, Armavia Airlines, BH Airlines, Caribbean Airlines,
And one great tip — don’t buy store gift cards — they usually won’t honour them if the store goes broke!

If you liked the music with this video you can find it on our Spotify Playlist “Music to Go Broke By” or our Spotify radio station.

11 April 2013

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