Peer to Peer Lending – Fast money loans from peer to peer lenders

Peer to Peer lending – How to get a peer to peer personal loan

1. Go to: to start your peer to peer lending application

2. Create your lending post
Adding a loan listing on Prosper is simple and only requires a few minutes.
You are going to be asked to fill out some personal information, that can help us to offer you the very best rate and loan terms possible and protect you and others against fraud. We will confirm your identity and obtain your credit rating. (This will not affect your current credit score.)

We will then give your peer to peer loan listing a Prosper Rating, that is based on your credit rating from a credit bureau (Experian) and another score developed internally by Prosper. Your loan’s interest rate will be based on your Prosper Rating.
Now the fun begins: you build a customized loan listing by giving your posting a title and adding a description of your peer to peer lending loan purpose and your economic circumstances.
What’s the difference between a listing and a loan?
A listing is your request for a loan. Your listing will be displayed for investors to view. You will receive a loan after your listing is funded and your information has passed Prosper’s verification process, as needed.
TIP: requesting your friends and family members to invest in your listing and give you a endorsement will increase your chances of having your listing fully funded.

3. Investors commit funds to your peer to peer loan
Once your listing is active on Prosper, lenders will be able to look at and invest in your listing. At any time in this funding process, you can see the progress of your loan’s funding.
The listing will stay active until either it is fully funded or the 14 day listing period ends. If it does not receive at least the minimum required level of funding within the 14-day period, no loan will be made. If you want to try again, you do so by creating a new listing.
Increase your chances and get your money faster
Submit all requested information and documents as soon as possible. Keep an eye on your listing’s Verification Stage icons, which tell you and potential investors how far along your loan application is in the verification process. The higher the Verification Stage, the more attractive your listing is to potential investors. Loans that reach Verification Stage 3 are much more likely to originate.

4. Receive your money!
Once your listing is fully funded, the funds will be deposited directly into your bank account within a few days.
Prosper may conduct a final identity verification before funds are released.

Peer to peer lending is usually pretty fast. Time frames may vary depending on your credit worthiness.

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