25 thoughts on “Pakistan will take loan from India : pakistan media

  1. Aligarh University given identity to Muslims??? which Muslims?? of
    Pakistan??…who are Pakistanis???…they speaking URDU language…URDU
    born in India…Language doesn’t develop in just 67 years….Water system
    is from India…Pakistani…made in India…

  2. Yeah India will loan and they will form one more terrorist organization to
    carry out more terrorist attacks you think we are fools or suckers?Go and
    beg your best friend China

  3. What are zinnah ‘ s universal human values. What are his philosophy. His
    contribution to mankind. Will anybody enlighten me? 

  4. Then why did you leave more Muslims back in India than you are in
    Pakistan?Can you do us a favor? Please take all of them to the land of the
    impure, which you are proud of. Pakistan was created by the imperialists to
    safeguard their own interests, nothing else. Now this idiot is saying
    “india jaisa mulk”. This bastard does not know that India is a great
    nation. We are secular and respect every faith. Indian state has no
    religion. We do not have blasphemy laws. Christians,Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs
    we live here as a family. I am proud to be an Indian.

  5. Taalim? Taalim ke kya zaroorat hai? Koran padho, Koran mein sab kuch likha
    hai. Koran jaano gay to sab kuch jaan gaye ho. Koran he sab kuch hai.
    Ameen. LOL LOL 

  6. hows this news J I N N A FAMILY living in india ..they will get killed if
    they went Pakistan..u Pakistanis r funny

  7. As per my information, the bank being created under the BRICS umbrella is
    meant for the use of BRICS member countries only. A country not being the
    member of BRICS will not be allowed to apply for any loan.
    There fore Pakistan should rest easy that they will not have to beg India
    for any loan.
    Kindly correct me if I am wrong.

  8. Syed Qasim Abbas wants 3 inch condom for his half dick to be specially
    manufactured for him in india Sorry man but u can use a balloon in its
    place LOL

  9. India should give loan, not in millions but in billions. But pakistan
    should agree that if she fails to repay the loan she should surrender POK
    to India.

  10. Problem is easily evident. Pakistanis need to stop teaching islam in
    postgraduate science courses. Islam is faith, not science or math or
    commerce. Obviously it’s very good in destroying achievements. So no need
    to whine. Stop discussing past because that was Indian achievement too.
    You did eat the fruits of it for a while and you didn’t pay attention in
    creating anything constructive other than terrorism. Now you bear the
    fruits of terrorism. Gradiose thinking is good but truth is ugly.

  11. Pakistan is a beggar country. Does not feel shy spreading hands in front of
    any body. A borned beggar.

  12. They Say – ” india Jaise Mulkh se loan lena padega ” …………… YOU

  13. And why India wants to lend money to shitheads? These people are
    untrustworthy. Never trust a muslim!!!!!!

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