One Easy Step to Avoid Yo-Yo Financing, Weekly Edge Oct. 3, 2014

The October 3, 2014 Weekly Edge covers the following headlines:

Car sales and Car prices are up in September.
Overspending is the real problem with long-term loans.
Ford Credit follows the money to 75-month auto loans.
It’s now more important than ever to have preapproved financing before you visit a dealership.
Warren Buffet proves there is opportunity for new-car buyers.

The focus story:
The danger of spot delivers, and one easy step to avoid Yo-Yo financing.

Informed, up-to-date car buyers can maximize their savings by focusing on each step in the car-buying process–sales price, trade-in, financing, and add-ons. Don’t let your great sales price be offset by a poor trade-in value, noncompetitive financing rates, or costly add-ons. Tune-in each week to get the latest news, views, and information to make you successful!

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