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http://www.GPrivateLending.com, whose primary objective, as a Private Commercial Real Estate Lender, is to meet our Borrower’s need for Short-Term Bridge Financing with efficiency, flexibility, and professionalism.

Our Firm provides Commercial Real Estate Financing for Borrowers in unique and time-sensitive situations anywhere in the United States. We focus on providing timely, reliable, and customized solutions that are not accessible through traditional Lenders.

Backed by private banks and various institutions, G Private Lending, is ready to execute a loan at a moments notice.

We are also now funding Debtor in Possession Financing (DIP Financing). This is a special form of financing which can be granted to Companies in financial trouble. Usually these companies are in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The unique feature of a DIP Loan is that the bankruptcy court usually grants a super-priority status to the new loan. This means that the new loan gets to jump in front of any Mezzanine Financing and any Senior Mortgages in the Debt Stack. For Debtor in Possession Financing, NY Metro, go to http://www.GPrivateLending.com.

Investors have often used Bridge Loans for Commercial Real Estate Purchases so they can close quickly on a Property, retrieve Real Estate from foreclosure, and Benefit from a short-term opportunity, so they can secure long-term Financing. Usually, Bridge Loans on a Property are paid back when the Property is sold, or is refinanced with a Traditional Lender. They can also be paid back when the Borrower’s credit is improved, the Property has been improved or completed, or there is a significant change which will allow a permanent round of mortgage financing. There are important issues of timing which can occur during the different phases of the project that produce cash needs and risks.

There have been examples of Bridge Loans, such as when a Developer may need to carry his project while waiting for certain transactions. There is no guarantee that the project will happen, so, there may be a high interest rate and a need to have a certain Lending Source that can and will accept the risk. For Short Term Bridge Financing and Debt Financing NY Metro, go to http://www.GPrivateLending.com.

There have been several reasons that Bridge Loans have been used for in both Venture Capital and other Corporate Finance. One of these has been to infuse small amounts of cash to carry a Company, so that it won’t run out of cash in between major Private Equity Financing.

Sometimes, an Investor with a Distressed Company will look to acquire a larger Investor. It is during this time, they he may need a Bridge Loan, so the Lender has been known to obtain a significant Equity position as it relates to the Loan.

Bridge Loans have also been used to as a final Debt Financing that has carried the Company through the immediate period before an Acquisition. For Private Commercial Bridge Loans, NY Metro, go to http://www.GPrivateLending.com

Because we are a discretionary Fund, the Investor may receive the Benefit of us being able to close on deals that won’t ordinarily get closed on using conventional funding sources.

As many Investors are aware, the Capital Markets are not as warm to new loans for Commercial Real Estate as they were a few years back.

It seems the Credit Markets have tightened considerably, and many Investors are not risking as much as they did before.

We are a Private Commercial Lending Company who is still funding actively funding Loans. To inquire about this, go to http://www.GPrivateLending.com.

There are some Transactions that we are currently looking to lend on. One of these is for the Borrower who is looking to purchase or recapitalize an income producing Multifamily Property. These can be anywhere in the United States.

It may take several months for conventional or Agency Financing to provide Bridge Financing.

Another Transaction would be if the Borrower has the ability to purchase their existing senior loan back from the Bank, then we may be able to provide the Bridge Financing for this Discounted Purchase.

We are also a Purchaser of Distressed Debt on Commercial Real Estate.

Another reason that Bridge Financing can be provided is when a Borrower is trying to raise Capital across their Portfolio and usually owns Properties which are free and clear and/or ones with low leverage.

Some of the Eligible Property Types are: Multifamily Apartments, Grocery Anchored Retail Shopping Centers, Mixed Use, Student Housing, Suburban Offices, Warehouses, Flagged Hotels, Parking Garages, and Self Storage Facilities.

We are actively looking to lend on Multifamily Properties anywhere in the United States.

Investors who are looking to purchase REOs, Buy Notes, Buy their Asset back, and are looking to buy Real Estate and don’t have all the Capital they need to complete their Transaction might be able to Benefit greatly by going to http://www.GPrivateLending.com. http://youtu.be/UaXiiWIZnJM