The base of the New World Orders power is the extreme wealth that they have been able to obtain by a monopoly of credit.

They have created a world wide banking system in which they can create money from nothing and lend it to governments and individuals.

World external Debt ,970,000,000,000

America’s Total Debt Report
Trillion – – and soaring

They own and control the main stream media and want people to think Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, with a Net Worth of Billion

The NWO plan

Just the interest(calculated using 5%) paid to the international bankers every year on the total American Debt is 50 Billion. That’s almost 45 times as much money as Bill Gates Total net worth, from just one country in just one year.

The highest ranked banker on the Forbes(controlled media) list is #114 Carl Pohlad with a net worth of .1 billion. Can you believe that this man is the richest banker on earth?

The net worth of the NWO international bankers is estimated to be 0 Trillion, more than half of the wealth of the entire world. They are the real rulers or the world. They have created every war in the last 100 years. They have crashed stock markets and then buy stocks for penny’s on the dollar. They are the master minds behind the 911 false flag attack and the bogus war on terror that they finance and profit from.

When they first started to use paper money it was backed by Gold. If they have a million dollars in Gold they could print a million dollars in paper money. This was easier than using gold to buy things because the paper was actually a note that represented gold that the bank actually had. If you took all the money the bank issued and took it back to the bank you could give it to the bank in exchange for all the gold the bank had to back the paper money. This is how paper money began.

Then they start to implement laws that allowed the central banks to issue more paper than they had gold to back it. This is fractional reserve banking. With this system the banks still had to have a fraction of gold for the paper money they lent to people and governments. Over time they implemented laws that made the fractions of paper to gold lower and lower so now the central banks can lend as much paper money as they want with out any gold backing it. The central banks actually can create infinite amounts of paper money from nothing. The more money they create the higher the inflation. Inflation is actually deflation of the money currently in circulation.

War = Profits

During times of war (war on terror) the central bank (Federal Reserve) creates large amounts of money from nothing to pay for the war and lend it to the (U.S.) government.

If the U.S. government has to borrow a trillion dollars to fight the never ending War on Terror the central bank can create this money from nothing and lend it to the government and charge them interest. The interest will be paid for by the people’s taxes.

YOUR TAXES and the interest you pay on loans make these central bankers rich. blications/the-world-factbook/ rankorder/2079rank.html

Rank – Country – External debt, both public and private (2004 est.)

1 World $ 54,310,000,000,000
2 United States $ 12,250,000,000,000
3 United Kingdom $ 10,450,000,000,000
4 Germany $ 4,489,000,000,000
5 France $ 4,396,000,000,000
6 Italy $ 2,345,000,000,000
7 Netherlands $ 2,277,000,000,000
8 Spain $ 2,047,000,000,000
9 Ireland $ 1,841,000,000,000
10 Japan $ 1,492,000,000,000
11 Switzerland $ 1,340,000,000,000
12 Belgium $ 1,313,000,000,000
13 Canada $ 758,600,000,000
14 Australia $ 757,900,000,000
15 Austria $ 752,500,000,000
16 Sweden $ 598,200,000,000
17 Hong Kong $ 588,000,000,000
18 Denmark $ 492,600,000,000
19 Norway $ 469,100,000,000
20 Portugal $ 415,500,000,000
21 Russia $ 384,800,000,000
22 Greece $ 371,500,000,000
23 China $ 363,000,000,000

Total America Debt (the sum of all recognized debt of federal, state & local governments, international, private households, business and domestic financial sectors, including federal debt to trust funds). Total Debt in America is now Trillion, or 5,154 per man, woman and child.

NWO anti truth censorship

They try do discredit and defame opponents of the NWO as anti Semite bigots full of blind hate