Nightly Chit Chat !!!!

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24 thoughts on “Nightly Chit Chat !!!!

  1. we are fucked i have been trying to inform my family and people for a long
    time and it’s not working everyone thinks it’s conspiracy theory

    as always lui i appreciate the vids, really digging the nightly charts keep
    them coming bro

  2. Society is made up of this
    / |
    / |
    / Matriarchy
    / |
    / |

    / Patriarchy

    Men are the infrastructure class and women are the parasite class.
    Men build, invent, maintain.
    Women spend, consumer and demand.

    The foundation is built on male utility, disposability and labour. Without
    that foundation all comes crumbling down. So the more men that realise the
    power of solidarity and the power of going their own way the better off men
    will be.

  3. Us lifters eat turkey too! Bout to enjoy turkey meatballs, and carrots.
    Post leg day workout. #Cantfitstraightleggedjeanson

  4. Although I’m not refuting the conspiracy theorists here, the drop in oil
    prices might not be directed at Russia and a regime change. Along with the
    crippling sanctions, it may really look like a coordinated economic attack
    on Russia. Still, I think OPEC could be trying to drive down oil prices to
    slow down development in the Alberta tar sands and oil shale extraction in
    the United States, both of which require a higher price per barrel to be
    profitable. OPEC countries can go well below the current $56/barrel and
    still turn a profit, whereas the price per barrel for the tar sands needs
    to be significantly higher, and the oil shale extraction across the United
    States is lower than the tar sands but still more expensive than oil
    extraction in the Middle East.

  5. favorite way to end the night. postworkout, final meal, and nightly chit
    chat. “do you even Bruce Lee, do you even Jackie Chan” LOL!! Totally
    agree with the idea of creating as much separation from this downward
    spiral of society and staying in your own “bubble” so to speak. Live among
    the world but separate from it.

  6. The world is heading towards World War 3. There’s no doubt about it. The
    modern day cities which are corrupted beyond cure today will be the first
    ones to be destroyed by nuclear holocausts. The US petrodollar will
    collapse and OPEC will close down in the end, it’s a matter of time,maybe 2
    more years.Those who have awaken are trying to flee the cities to survive
    and leave the complete mess behind. 

  7. What’s so bad or ‘feministic’ about taking refugees? Wouldn’t you be glad
    that someone would help you saving you and your family from getting killed?
    I don’t see how this is a feminist thing, i think a lot of hardcore
    feminists are more against taking any refugees than the average.

  8. i think with girls ts hard. in one point in their life they’re lost they do
    not know themselves or what to do and then they hear the feminist shit like
    ur strong u can do this ur better even if ur but ugly u deserve Usher. play
    with this princess doll ur gonna get a prince and live happily ever after.
    and they take this as the truth i think to abolish feminism it must start
    on a family level. no more daddys little girl just daddys children. teach
    equality so that when they grow up none of that bullsht happens.

  9. If the russians ever go to war with us,
    i will publicly shame all the feminazis, lesbian manhaters to
    put on their big girl pants and overcome their gender roles
    by defending their country themselves.

    I will not risk my health for a system that hates my gender!

  10. Do you think it could be isis, they are selling oils for as low as 20
    dollars a barrel, forcing others to lower prices?

  11. The “Bundestag” is not the central bank of Germany (that would be the
    “Bundesbank”), but the federal parliament.

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