Mortgage Stress – (Today Tonight)

Aired – Wed 22nd of June 2011 on Channel 7 in Australia.
Update – 14 October 2011 : Wayne Ormond’s Refund Home Loans in voluntary administration

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10 thoughts on “Mortgage Stress – (Today Tonight)

  1. “Property prices crash Again in September”. “Boom to Bust as Sea of Mud
    drowns Property Prices”. “Property Prices in Free-Fall”. “Buyer strike
    floors Property prices in massive uppercut”. “Ponzi scheme crashes Down
    Under as Property Sinks”.

  2. that fat fuck is condonning bad behaviour spastics like that will more than
    likely get into more debt, as they have no financial skills

  3. No sympathy, get the mortgage, can’t pay it, tough shit. Those who are
    stupid too have sympathy are shit for brains.

  4. If you can’t afford paying off the mortgage why not downsize to a cheaper
    house for fuck sakes! It’s not like it’s the end of the world.
    Should of buy affordable house first than if u have the money you can
    upgrade to a better one, it shouldn’t be the other way round.

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